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7.46 pravana

PRAVANA presents: ChromaSilk Vivids Locked-In

Developed by colorists for colorists, our extensive range of professional brands provide an inspiring selection of colors, services and marketing and promotional support that help our partner salons grow in the coloring business. We provide extensive educational support, from hands-on workshops to digital solutions and reference tools that give our hairdressers the knowledge and skills they need to stand out from the competition.We are committed to staying on the cutting edge of fashion with our colors that are based on the Essential Looks Collections. In this way, our salons are always up to date with the latest trends.

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The Art of PUR HAIR Colour Technical Guide Contents Welcome to the world of PUR HAIR Colour Why PUR HAIR Colour? The perfect formula Ingredients Peroxide The Mixture Gray Coating

BLOND AGE New BBcolor lights up with light and bright blond tones. Feminine and sensual: it’s blonde hair, a classic that is above all fashions but many different hair coloring trends have been created in the last few years.

Permanent coloring without oxidants and ammonia With extremely Pure and Acid pigmentation Works on the hair physically and not chemically ph acid 2.5 Improves the hair structure Long-lasting as an

Techniques Simple streaking Simply draw a series of parallel or crossed lines close together to create light shades. To achieve an intense color, simply vary the height, width and length.

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BLONDME – COLORING Click here for more product information: Benefits Pre-lightening Hair Protector with Keratin Lightening Cream for Blondes Permanent Coloring for Blondes

How to use olaplex and pravana express tones

Copper hair is super trendy, but it’s hard to find the right color, because if we don’t bleach and apply a hair dye that at first glance is copper or orange, and when you apply it to the hair it turns brown.

We finally found the tone that actress Kristen Stewart asked for, which is nothing more than the 5.46 to 20 vol, if you have light tes, it will highlight your features and if you have darker tes, your eyes will shine impressively.

These are the copper tones for your hair, from which you can choose, do not forget that this type of dyes in your hair easily deslavan mind, so this is not more than you read: Avoid your dye fade. and above all treat your hair after a coloring with capillaries to seal cuticle.

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