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Antarctic white granite

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30-03-2020 09:47 / It was catalogued as one of the 13 species that could invade Antarctica and today a study of the High Latitude Marine Ecosystem Dynamics Research Center (Ideal) detailed that the species is Mytilus cf. platensis better known as mussel or chorito – already arrived to the white continent.

27-02-2020 12:06 / Both initiatives will be developed at the IDEAL Center and will involve the participation of more than 40 Chilean and foreign researchers who develop multidisciplinary studies in Patagonia and Antarctica.

10-09-2019 23:00 / Director of the High Latitude Marine Ecosystem Dynamics Research Center, referred to the progress made by IDEAL in terms of understanding the Antarctic circle, and the challenges presented by climate change for the white continent.

21-08-2019 12:21 / Scientists from the IDEAL Center conducted an expedition to the Yendegaia Fjord, in the Magallanes Region, in order to determine the adaptability of this species, home and refuge of hundreds of aquatic organisms.

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Little by little we are collecting them: our Antarctic captains of the National Navy. The first one was Camilo Segovia, whom I called “Captain of Sea and Ice”. The second is Jorge Ricardo Espinel, whom I call “Captain of the End of the World”. Both commanded the now iconic vessel ARC 20 de Julio, which is returning to Cartagena today, carrying on its back all the experience of the nautical miles accumulated on the ice – and on its way to it.

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It has been fun to watch her environment and the atmosphere around her change. When he was the Second, his cabin was opposite the Officers’ Chamber, and his job was to make Commander Segovia’s life as smooth as possible. The Second is the lightning rod. The filter. The one who says ‘no’, and the one who vouches for safety, food, permits for everything, environmental requirements, and emergency training exercises, among many other tasks.

Today that filter is Frigate Captain Fernando Diaz Flores – most likely the next Antarctic captain in the collection. And today, Espinel occupies the most spacious captain’s cabin, adjacent to the bow. A source of pride for his father, Major Carlos Espinel, a Bogota-born retired Marine and the reason Espinel was born in Cartagena and lived in various parts of Colombia.

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HAVING REGARD TO the Twenty-first Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, held between May 19 and 30, 1997, in the city of Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND, the Twenty-second Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, held between May 25 and June 5, 1998, in the city of Tromso, KINGDOM OF NORWAY, and the Twenty-third Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting, held between May 24 and June 4, 1999, in the city of Lima, REPUBLIC OF PERU, and

That at said Meetings EIGHT (8) Measures were adopted, which, in accordance with the provisions of Article IX of the Antarctic Treaty, shall enter into force when approved by all the Contracting Parties entitled to participate in the Consultative Meetings.

Strange and huge creature found in the deep sea

We calculate the labor in Deck per Linear Meter (ML) for this as shown in the image, we measure the distances and the linear footage is calculated including: Fabrication and Installation of Deck, Nose (front), Holes in sink/stove area (if required) and Underlayment of ~10 cms.

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The Workmanship in Wall or Splash is calculated per Square Meter (M2) for this as shown in the image, we measure the distances and calculate the square footage including: Fabrication and Installation of high socle or Splash in wall.

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