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Arreglos de flores con chocolates

Flower and Balloon Arrangements

Best Selling Floral Arrangements, Floral Arrangements for Men, Rose Arrangements, Best Selling Floral Arrangements, Anniversary Floral Arrangements, Boxes with Roses, All Season SweetsHeart with Roses and Chocolates$2,599.00

Enjoy giving beautiful flowers and delightful arrangements that will brighten anyone’s day. A beautiful arrangement of Heart with Roses and Chocolates will turn a special day into a spectacular day.

Mr. Flowers, experts in flower and gift delivery throughout Mexico. We guarantee that every flower delivery made by our flower shops in Mexico will be of the highest quality and freshness!

The language of roses is broad and full of symbolism. Giving roses as a gift can denote passion, love, respect, gratitude, adoration… Nowadays we have so many options, so many combinations of rose bouquets and floral arrangements with roses that we can surely find the perfect arrangement or bouquet for our partner.

Pink roses mean beauty, sweetness and nobility. Giving pink roses as a gift shows good feelings and honorable intentions. They can be sent as a token of support or thanks to a loved one or friendship.

Flower arrangement with chocolates and balloons

We all love arrangements and bouquets of roses. They are the most common and beautiful flowers, which is perfect for gift giving and are the most traditional gift for the date of love and friendship. In addition, their natural elegance and attractive fragrance make them a favorite in floral arrangements. Whether as a gift or to decorate your home, a rose arrangement can go perfectly with any occasion. But not all arrangements are created equal, some are of better quality than others.

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The most important thing in any floral arrangement is the freshness of the flowers. This is because arrangements are an ephemeral art and the fresher the flowers, the longer they will last. To find a fresh rose arrangement, pay attention that the roses are not fully opened. Don’t worry, they will open over time. Look for roses with firm stems, and make sure the head of the stem is not bent, the flower should be pointing upwards, not towards the ground.

A floral arrangement is much more than just placing a few flowers in a vase. The type of foliage used can make all the difference between an elegant arrangement and one that looks makeshift. Especially with roses, the foliage should be dark green and vibrant, to frame the striking and elegant colors of these beautiful red, yellow or pink flowers.

Floral arrangements with chocolates and fruits

Floral arrangement with 12 red roses and chocolates + personalized card. If you want to make some changes in terms of color, gift motif, balloon motif to the order, you can add this at the end of the order in the comments field or contact us via WhatsApp at 3168766158 – 4041671 Shipping costs are not included in the rate you see in the product.

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