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Backlit ceiling

LED Illuminated Ceiling

Glass models visually expand the room and give it brightness, in combination with various exterior or interior lights, they look very beautiful and provide quite bright illumination.

Linear luminaires provide uniform luminous flux and bring a charming comfort to the atmosphere. Bulbs with various power levels allow you to focus on certain areas of the ceiling plane.

Differs in particular flexibility and compactness, it can be mounted on almost any surface. Ice lighting visually changes the geometry of the room, raises the ceiling plane and makes the interior much more attractive and original.

There should not be too bright and harsh light here. Ceiling products with a variety of lighting will help to create a diffused, soft, high-quality lighting with smooth transitions in the nursery.

Spotlights in the hallway provide a sufficient and measured amount of light.With competent location in the plane of the ceiling, they will emphasize the interior of the hallway, highlight its advantages and correctly hide the disadvantages.


If you have to choose between different manufacturers, you should consider installing the material with the highest transmission rate, as this value has an important influence on the installation and operating costs of the luminous ceiling.

For most LEDs with an illumination angle of 120 degrees, the distance between the individual LED strips or modules should be equal to the distance between the LEDs and the stretch ceiling. Some special LEDs have an angle of 180 degrees and for them the distance ratio should be 1.5.

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Currently, the best light quality for LEDs is given by full-spectrum technology, such as Seoul Semiconductor SunLike, with a near-diurnal spectrum and maximum scores for all colors in the CRI test.

We recommend LED modules or strips with a minimum CRI80 for all working and living places, such as office, living room, dining room bedroom and so on with CRI95+ as recommended value.

Led lighting Drywall ceilings.

The system with contour lighting involves mounting the LED strip directly on the edges. This strip is not heated, which protects the tension material of the ceiling from overheating and deformation.

Lighting with a cornice lamp holder visually increases the height of the room. In addition, concealed linear lighting creates the illusion that the ceiling does not touch the walls, but “rises” in the air.

There are many lighting options used when installing suspended ceilings. These include integrated spotlights, mini-diode lamps, spotlights, chandeliers, as well as lighting along the edges and from the inside. When choosing a lighting system, there is one limitation: the canvas should not overheat during use.

For tension structures, there are special recessed spotlights. They differ in the way they are fixed and the type of lamp. An energy-saving lamp is the most acceptable. It does not heat up, so it does not deform the canvas.

How to Mount PLADUR Ceiling with INDIRECT LIGHTING

We can deliver the products you ordered by all kinds of express or air freight, if there is a substantial order, we can load a container and ship it to you. If you have specific needs about the shipment of the products, you can tell us.

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We do not require large quantity from customers, most of the products MOQ is 1pc. Even for customized products, we could make 1pc sample for you. Of course, you could order more quantity to save much lower unit cost wit unit price.

The goods could be delivered by air or by sea. By air takes around 1 week and by sea 20-40 days. You could use our forwarder or your own shipping agent. We could cooperate with you as your requirement.

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