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Bagel tray

Cookie Baking Trays

We put at your disposal a variety of proposals from which you can choose those that best suit your needs. We have the best prices. Order now your baking trays and you will receive them comfortably in 24-72h. In addition, if your order exceeds 19,99€, shipping is free.

As its name already lets you guess, the ribbed tray has a surface made of four or more longitudinal channels. Made of aluminum and provided or not with non-stick rubber coating for oven, it is used for baking different types of breads, fresh doughs and pre-baked doughs.

Professionals in the sector usually use this type of trays for the preparation of round-shaped breads, such as baguettes and other similar loaves. Their shapes, inspired by undulations, facilitate the work. When perforated, the bread is more airy, which translates into more crumb.

Baking trays for bakery oven

The direct collaboration with the best manufacturers of molds and trays allows us to offer high quality products that adapt to the specifications of each customer at competitive prices. The supply of the molds and trays to the customer is done with the previous application of the appropriate Testrong® non-stick coating for the particular piece and for the final use of the product.

We only work with high quality and resistant materials such as deep-drawn stainless or aluminized steel sheets with resistant back reinforcements to offer customized trays with optimum performance and easy cleaning. Thanks to their high performance, we obtain a final product with high efficiency. We build trays for croissants, brioche, muffins, sweet rolls, muffins, muffins, muffins and sweet rolls, muffins, pastries, etc.

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The process of recovery and cleaning of these molds is carried out with the most advanced techniques, applying non-stick coatings Testrong® and obtaining practically new pieces, in this way the amortization of these molds can be extended for a long time. This process can be repeated depending on the characteristics of each part.

Tray for bakery

Buy at the best price from aluminum racks, baguette baking trays, pizza baking plates, non-stick plates, stainless steel racks, trays with silicone molds, corrugated aluminum baking sheets…etc.

The possibilities for baking food in the oven are almost endless. That is why on the Dimoba Suministros website we have a wide variety of surfaces resistant to the heat and high temperatures of industrial ovens.

Also the shape and size of the same. It is not the same to make a puff pastry for 10 than for 30 people. Among all of them, there are trays with or without edges, non-stick plates of different shapes with or without grids, etc.

The Fiber silicone paper baking trays are especially designed to make delicious pastry creations quickly and evenly. Bake tartlets, muffins, cream puffs, baggels, etc. in complete safety with materials that resist high temperatures without deforming.

Aluminum oven tray

100% food safe: food safe, flexible, acid and heat resistant -30 ~ 230 (-20 ~ 450 ). Silicone box shape is a sustainable concept, easy to wash, time-saving and environmentally friendly.

Silicone bread mold for baking Simply release the cake or bread when the silicone bread mold has cooled. The best non-stick effect and easy removal of the baking is guaranteed. that the smooth surface, high flexibility of the baked goods can be removed from the mold effortlessly.

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Dishwasher safe The non-stick cake baking pan is easy to clean and convenient to store. Safe for freezer, microwave and oven, refrigerator (heat resistant temperature -40 – +230 ). Easy to wash by hand with warm soap or put in dishwasher.

Heat resistant and resumeable – molds for baking, refrigerator, microwave and oven, operating temperature: -20 ~ 446 (-30 ~ 230 ). Easy to prepare for toast or other pastries.

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