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Bed party

Don’t look at me like that, it hurts me to see you cry.

16:00 hours: XLVIII Escalante Cycling Circuit, memorial Ángel Sainz “Chapa”.20:00 hours: Chupinazo. 21:30 hours: Romería with the Cabaret Orchestra. 23:00 hours: La hora de Pedro Haya. Monologue. 00:30 hours: Verbena with Cabaret Orchestra.

10:00 a.m.: Parade with the dance group “Virgen de la Cama”. 12:00 a.m.: Solemn Mass. 14:00 hours: Vermouth in the square. 19:00 hours: Procession with the image of the Virgen de la Cama. 21:00 hours: Pilgrimage with the Orquesta Talismán. 22:30 hours: Performance by Marcos Bárcena and Miguel Cadavieco. 00:15 hours: Verbena with the Talismán Orchestra.

09:00 hours: Peeling and trisca of potatoes. 14:00 hours: Tasting of marmite. 17:00 hours: Children’s playground. 21:30 hours: Pilgrimage with the Expansion Orchestra. 23:00 hours: Great performance of Mario San Miguel. 00:30 hours: Verbena del Disfraz with the Expansion Orchestra.

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Here the national festivities are like in any other country in the world: exaltation of the local culture, parades, songs and regional dances (although not all of them can boast of martial goats parading) and crowds of people crowded together to see the live forces pass by.

A road has been paved and illuminated leading out of town to the Presidential Palace. It is about 3-4 kms away and there are no people living there, just the Palace. I have been watching the works for several months with the indignation of seeing the streets of the city destroyed by the gullies that produce the torrential rains avenues and many impassable in vehicle, even by bike (except mountain bike, but there is little love here to that) and to which not a franc is dedicated and all the money wasted on the presidential road to know if you will ever use it more than these days. The other great (and practical) investment associated with this road is the construction, next to the Palace, of an aerodrome.

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Ingenious occurrences of someone who will have eaten the cake of any unwary person who wants to squander the 4 francs not ‘diverted’ from the budgets. Ouahigouya is only 180 km from the capital. It takes longer by plane than by car, that’s for sure. Commercial or business traffic? No comment, for that there would have to be business or commerce. So the National Day has passed and the city has changed its appearance somewhat, another is recovering (today I saw that they were dismantling some of the ornaments with which they plastered the streets and that seemed definitive), but the benefits have been for the usual.

Naty natalia

In consequence of the foregoing, having consulted the spokespersons of the political groups that make up the municipal corporation, and by virtue of the powers attributed to the mayor’s office by Article 21.1.K) of Law 7/85 of April 2, regulating the bases of local government, RESOLVED:

FIRST.- To modify the agreement adopted by the full City Council in session of October 30, 2019 to determine the local holidays for 2020, deleting as such local holiday next April 3 (Friday of Sorrows).

SECOND.- To postpone the determination of another alternative date to plenary agreement of the corporation, once decreed the suspension of the State of Alarm, bearing in mind the possibility that such choice may involve a community celebration to value the efforts of citizens to cope with this crisis.

THIRD.- To transfer this agreement to the competent Ministry of the Junta de Andalucía and to all economic activities that develop their activity in the municipality and that are not suspended by the application of Royal Decree Law 10/2020 of March 29.

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It was $12.95. I had no choice but to swipe my debit card. The free generic Band-Aids that a clerk at another store generously offered me a day earlier when she saw me limping didn’t do the job.

Most of the day clubs in Las Vegas are tucked away in the back of the resort and require a winding walk through a casino, especially if you park or are dropped off at the hotel entrance. Add endless standing time at the pool party and the Band-Aids are calling.

Guest lists abound, especially for women. We used and and there was no cheating. Club promoters also walk the Strip and hotels with guest list offers.

Some hotels offer guest list desks on site. We saw desks at Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand and The Venetian: they tend to be set up near the parking lot, hotel lobby or near the pool entrance and are easy to spot.

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