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Bianco gioia quartz

Citrine quartz

White quartz or rock crystal is a variety of transparent, white or colorless quartz. Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide, the most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust after feldspars. Its name comes from the German “quartz” and the Greek “krystallos”. Quartz can occur in crystalline form with visible prismatic crystals, and in cryptocrystalline form forming microscopic crystals.

Quartz crystals can be found isolated or in groupings in the form of geodes or druses. Some transparent quartz contains inclusions of other minerals, as would be the case of tourmalinated quartz or rutilated quartz. Quartz occurs in metamorphic, igneous and sedimentary rocks rich in silica. Thanks to its properties, transparent quartz has been used in the manufacture of lenses, transducers and electronic systems.

Quartz crystal favors the connection with our own light and joy and is often used for meditation, although it is not recommended to use it before sleeping as it is activating. In druse form it helps to energize and cleanse the energy of the space and also of the objects that are placed on top of it.

Faux citrine quartz

Getty ImagesWhite or transparent quartz is one of the most powerful, thanks to its purifying properties, which help eliminate bad energies from the body, even when you are not aware of them.Also known as milky, this quartz is one of the crystals of greater spiritual value, so it is often used for meditation.Below, we share what it is used for and how to use white or transparent quartz.White quartz is distinguished by its transparent or milky color.

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Getty ImagesWhat is white quartz and what is it used for? White or transparent quartz is a mineral composed of silica dioxide belonging to the macrocrystalline variety, which owes its color to having air bubbles in its structure, so they are crystals of hexagonal faces. Also known as milky, this quartz is one of the most spiritually valuable crystals, thanks to its purifying and protective properties, which help to eliminate negative energies from the body.symbol of strength, purity, nobility and innocence, white quartz is used for meditation and spiritual cleansing of the body, soul and mind, as it helps to balance the energies.thanks to its purifying properties, white quartz is used for meditation.

Quartz of joy

Stones lie beneath the roads and each one marks the path we wish to follow. Each stone and its mineral connect with us to accentuate our qualities. Calm, progress, tenacity, joy, happiness, love.

The red coral brings well-being, joy, security and faith in oneself. It has the marvelous virtue of disappearing envy, nervousness and jealousy, protecting from the evil eye and warding off bad energies.

Rose quartz is the stone of love. It infuses the energy of true love for oneself and others. Rose quartz gently draws out negative energy and replaces it with loving vibrations.

White quartz is the universal stone par excellence is believed to be the greatest protector, the one that brings energy if you have anxiety. it will help you enter a state of meditation, calm, to calm your mind. It is one of the most energetic stones and, in addition, with this stone a wonderful thing happens and that is that it helps us to think positive. It is as if we always look on the bright side of things.

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Rose quartz

After the bombardment of information that we are living in the world today, it is necessary a little peace and tranquility, like the one that can offer some gemstones that since ancient times are used for their healing properties; therefore they are ideal to give and receive as a gift.

The healing power of stones works through the regulation of energy, as if it were a magnetic field that surrounds them, which can facilitate the feeling of full happiness in the long term through the energetic vibrations.

Gemotherapy is an alternative and natural therapy technique that uses gems and stones to heal the body at all levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, which is associated with the energy structure of the human being through the chakras.

Emerald: One of the most precious and valued gems throughout history is the emerald, Cleopatra’s favorite jewel giving it an elegant and feminine meaning; however, the energetic properties of this stone are linked to friendship, serenity, renewal and connection with nature.

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