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Bid day banners

School voting posters

The group has requested the recordings of one of the cameras located in the vicinity of one of the missing banners and has asked the Local Police to “monitor the electoral propaganda protected by law to ensure political and social pluralism in the municipality”. They also state that “so far the aggressions have been only against our candidacy and harm our legitimate right of expression, a practice that has become common in electoral processes in which we participate”.


The written press and radios may have electoral propaganda, but may not discriminate in the charging of fees among the different candidacies or propositions, and the television propaganda shall be maintained in an electoral slot.

Electoral propaganda may be carried out from thirty days before the election up to three days before. The propaganda in written press or radios may be made from 60 days before until the third day prior to the day of voting, both in elections and plebiscites.

Candidates for senator or regional governor: the maximum amount to be spent shall be one thousand five hundred unidades de fomento, plus the amount resulting from multiplying by two hundredths of a unidad de fomento the first two hundred thousand electors, by fifteen thousandths of a unidad de fomento the following two hundred thousand electors and by one hundredth of a unidad de fomento the remaining electors in the respective constituency.

But if there is a second round in the election of a regional governor, the limit of expenditure may not exceed the sum of 750 UF, plus the amount resulting from multiplying by one hundredth of a decimal unit the first two hundred thousand electors, by seventy-five ten thousandths of a decimal unit for the next two hundred thousand electors and by five thousandths of a decimal unit for the remaining electors in the respective region.

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Political campaign posters

The experience acquired in the successive electoral processes which have taken place since the approval of Organic Law 5/1985, of June 19, 1985, on the General Electoral Regime, has highlighted the convenience of reducing electoral expenses, accentuating, at the same time, the mechanisms for the control of said expenses.

On the other hand, the entry into force of the Treaty of the European Union on November 1, 1993, makes it necessary to adapt the electoral legislation to the provisions contained in article 8.B.2 of the aforementioned Treaty.

The provisions contained in articles 127.2 and 133.4 also contribute to reducing electoral expenses, taking into account the notable repercussion of the financial costs in the total amount thereof.

The specification of the competences of the Central and Provincial Electoral Boards during the period between the calling of the elections and the one hundredth day after the same, will allow a better exercise of the auditing function on the financing and the electoral expenses.

Editable posters for political elections

Several social organizations called on the population to mobilize this Tuesday throughout the country to reject the presidential candidacy of Keiko Fujimori, candidate for the Popular Force party.

Thousands of people gathered in Lima’s San Martin square with banners and flags, shouting slogans to condemn corruption in the country and to reject Fujimori’s candidacy for the Presidency of the nation.

More than 24 million Peruvians are eligible to vote for the new president of the country, who will have to face the current socioeconomic and pandemic situation of the South American nation during the period 2021-2026.

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