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Black granite with white veins

Black zimbawe granite

Granite kitchen countertop slabs are manufactured from natural stone extracted from large quarries. The stone by nature is rough in texture, but once polished the surface of the countertop is smooth with great luster.

Another aspect that you have to take into account in the purchase is its origin, in the stores you will find two types of granites for countertops: national and imported. You can ask but you will surely identify them by the price.

These are the countertops manufactured with materials from foreign countries. Although they are imported from different places (Italy, Brazil, Norway, South Africa, etc), the best known and most commercially available are found in India.

There are many reasons why anyone would choose a granite countertop for kitchens, but first it is advisable to take certain precautions before the purchase in case it is not the material you need or does not match the furniture.

Black granite via lactea

Natural stone has always been considered an exclusive material, so much so that in some cases it has been necessary to demystify the price factor. However, some stone materials take exclusivity to a superlative degree and the cost per square meter makes them elitist. Their high cost is conditioned by their inaccessibility at source or by a very low production that does not allow to cover the demand and that in many occasions has nothing to do with the quality of the material.

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Marketing, processing treatments and logistics also have a great influence on the final price per square meter. Focus Piedra presents a selection of some of the most expensive materials on the market.

These semi-precious stones are among the most expensive on the market along with turquoises, amethysts and agates. The company Q&L Stone, specializes in the realization of interior design projects and the supply of exotic and exclusive materials such as these.

It is extracted in a quarry located at an altitude of 3,800 meters in the Bolivian Andes and is defined as a “precious or luxury stone”. The difficulties of extraction and logistics make its price above average.

Black granite veins

3.  Blanco Carrara: it is one of the most appreciated and well-known marbles by professionals and consumers. Undoubtedly, its whiteness, its floury aspect and with hardly any veins are its main features. It is extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps, located in the well-known Italian province of Carrara. The market price: 50€ per square meter.

6. Venato carrara: its gray, almost white color and its structure, full of linear veins of dark gray tones, are its main features. It is perfect for covering floors and interior walls. The square meter costs 40€.

7. Dark Pearl granite: marketed by TheSize, this natural granite from Brazil is elegant and sober. Thanks to its pearly white patterns and veins, it is the protagonist in any room. It costs 60€ per square meter.

10. Star Galaxy: Star Galaxy natural granite is black with golden dots that make it a very suitable natural stone for interiors. It is part of Cosentino’s Sensa collection and sells for 120€ per square meter.

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Satin black granite

Its resistance to heat and stains, together with its delicacy, make it the perfect ally for different spaces, such as countertops, interior and exterior floors, facades or interior walls.

Palette of neutral colors with flashes of light that gives rise to violet tones, thanks to the presence of amethyst quartz. Thanks to its hardness and resistance it is perfect for floors and walls as well as countertops.

Thanks to the amount of ferromagnetic elements, the Black Ochavo granite is very resistant and used in construction, for exterior and interior cladding or flooring, as well as countertops and ornamentation.

Its darkness together with the blue sparkles remind us of a great starry sky, the elegance and pride of this granite make it perfect for finishes in which the material and the light are the protagonists.

From India comes the Pretorian granite, of great hardness due to the amount of quartz and feldspar that compose it. Black background with white veins make this material the perfect ally to achieve a modern kitchen.

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