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Boudoir photography maternity

What is a Pregnancy Photo Shoot like?

Pregnancy is not only a physical journey, but a spiritual one as well. Maternity boudoir photography is a great way to freeze the moment and capture this special journey to praise the wonders of nature.

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The pregnancy boudoir is all about highlighting the beauty of a pregnant woman’s body. As in standard boudoir photography, the model is portrayed in lingerie, nude or very light clothing.

There are many reasons to have a boudoir maternity session. Women often begin to feel more comfortable with their bodies as they go through pregnancy. They realize how beautiful and magical the female body is for growing another human life.

Often, pregnancy makes women feel more sensual and feminine. This is because their body has more curves and produces more hormones. I have met many pregnant women who have never felt as sexy and comfortable in their body as they do during pregnancy.

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These sessions are usually done between the 28th and 34th week of gestation, because by then you will already have a big belly. But it is very important to keep in mind how comfortable you feel during those days. You can always move the shooting a little forward or backward, no problem at all: you are the boss. Of course, remember to book in advance, because time flies! You can book at any time, of course, but keep in mind what we have just told you. 

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Pregnancy sessions can be indoors, outdoors or mixed. It always depends on what you feel like. We love going outdoors, as you will have seen if you have seen some of our work, but you always have the option of coming to our studio. Besides, we are preparing some really, really cool things to do with you in our studio, for the second half of 2022. As long as you feel comfortable, no problem.

If you are going to take pictures during your pregnancy we are going to make it very easy for you, since we have costumes and props prepared especially for you. Of course, if you want to contribute something of your own, just let us know; we’ll talk about everything once you’ve contacted us, that’s what we’re here for.

Alex Mendoza

We did this very special photo session as a new member of the family “Marcos”, a precious little prince that will fill with love these daddies and his little sister Inés, I leave you some beautiful images of the pregnancy session of Inés and Alex.

My dear Ana, this pregnancy photo shoot we did in Granada was very special, we prepared with great enthusiasm our bucket of soap to make bubbles and there we went to do our photo shoot … They came out very nice pictures, here I leave a sample of that little while we shared.

In my profession as a pregnancy photographer in Malaga I enjoy a lot… each pregnancy photo shoot is different, there are some moms who ask to do pregnancy photos on the beach or pregnancy sessions in the countryside, sometimes I know the people I’m going to photograph and sometimes I don’t. What happens with this? sometimes I get very pleasant surprises and I end up having a great time as in this case. What a cute husband she has, how close this couple was with me and how much I laughed with them.thank you for letting me be part of this beautiful story that will begin soon…See you in the next photo shoot with the newborn baby in Granada.BY:Yolanbaby Pregnancy Photographer – Newborns and Breastfeeding in Malaga and Granada.

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Natalie Rocfort Photography

9 months of waiting, 9 months full of illusion and impatience to see your baby’s face. Waiting for the magic of motherhood to begin. And that’s why you should have a pregnancy photo session. Because time will pass, but this memory will be eternal. You will have your maternity photos of this beautiful moment.

Well, from the fifth or sixth month of gestation you start to appreciate it a lot. But I recommend when you are about eight months pregnant, which is when the tummy is most noticeable. It seems to me that it is the ideal time, since the curve of the belly is very pronounced, and so we do not risk so much to be able to advance.

I usually refer you to the portfolio of pregnancy photos on my own page, where you can see a lot of girls who have already lived this beautiful experience. You will see that with very little, you can have the best pregnancy photo session.

Something that I highly recommend for the pregnancy photo shoot, is to play with contrasts. Use garments such as lingerie mixed with wool garments, or wool hats with a nice bra, or covering the chest with your hands or arms for example. These are simple combinations, but I personally love them.

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