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Branding session photography

How to design a personal brand

If you don’t show in your social networks pictures of your business, of you or your product/service, that show what you do and how you do it, it will be more difficult for you to build trust with your ideal client.

In the post Photos for your personal brand or Personal branding I talked about brand photography and why it is worth investing in it, now I am going to share with you some tips to prepare you for a branding photo shoot:

1. Hire a professional photographer: I recommend you to hire a professional photographer for your photo shoot, remember that you are investing in your business/personal brand and it is better if you do it with a professional. I recommend you to read: Why is it important to work with a professional photographer?

2. Find your photographer: I recommend you to look for him/her on Instagram, because of the type of social network it is, it is easier to find someone who matches your style. You can also ask for recommendations from people who have already invested in this type of photo shoots. Here are some tips that will help you choose your photographer: What to consider when looking for a professional photographer and How to choose your photographer.

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STEP 1: SCRIPT YOUR IMAGES.  This is key to making sure your photo shoot is efficient and worth the pesos you’re investing; after all, you should know the images you’re getting from your photographer.  Start by answering a few questions: What are the must-have products/services? Remember that every budget is set to certain production hours, and that the more complex the image, the more time it will take to set up the set, styling and composition. You saw the movie The Devil Wears Prada. This is your time to be Miranda Priestly. You have the opportunity to be the editor-in-chief. Think about the things you need to communicate visually. e.g. Is it important to include photos of your workshops, or your personal work as a writer, your role as an entrepreneurial mother, etc. When you hire a photographer, have a list of the main categories you need to describe with images. (You remember the Soyla girl, right? who is an author and editor named Marcela?  So your list would be:And so we will be creating the different facets of who we are as professionals and as people, showing our tastes, beliefs, values and all that we are.

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Tips for personal branding photos

– Don’t panic just thinking about everything you have to do. Step by step – Don’t do what is beyond your abilities. Hire a professional photographer you like and trust.  – Don’t get too crazy with the outfits of the people in your photos. Focus on your product, your service and the experience itself.

Take the time to create a moodboard with all the photographic style you are looking for. The best sites to get inspiration from are Pinterest, Instagram, Unsplash, and even magazines.  Get inspiration from the Instagram feeds of brands you admire, influencers in your own industry, and artists you love. Pinterest is the ideal space for colors, textures, patterns, and graphics.  Whatever you want to convey and do in your shoot if you look for it, you find it. Being selective of course, the idea is not to have millions of options because it’s not going to be easy to decide what to do next. The important thing is to stay consistent with your brand personality.

How to create my personal brand name

Having professional photos is one of the key elements of your personal brand. It’s the first thing people look at when they come across one of your social profiles and, in a matter of seconds, they create an image of who you are.

Starting with a moodboard will help you have all your ideas in one place. It’s the key to making your visual identity consistent across all the mediums where you are present.      You may have a vision in your head of how you want your photos to look, but you need a way to accurately describe them to your photographer.

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Spend some time on Pinterest so you can organize your photo ideas on a secret board to get images that highlight the look you’re going for, including main colors, locations and types of shots.

While you can improvise different poses “on the spot,” the best way to make the most of your session time is to make a shot list ahead of time. That is, your must-haves. The shots you choose should represent you and your company.

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