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Breakup tarot spread

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Many people fear what the Death card might mean in a tarot love reading, but the answer is often more philosophical than physical. Depending on the context of the question and the surrounding cards, that card, as an answer, could be happy.

If you don’t really have a love life to speak of, the presence of the Death card should be welcome, as it may indicate the end of your dry spell. You could be coming to the end of a very boring cycle and on the verge of a wonderful new cycle of love, where you meet your soul mate.

Of course, any kind of upheaval in your love life will cause a ripple effect in other areas. A real breakup may involve moving to another home or city. Such a move could lead to a change in employment as well. Naturally, there could be a change in friendships as acquaintances drift toward you or your ex-partner. Changes like these can be difficult to weather, but you must.

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Love and tarot are linked through a strong bond and psychics can make it possible through love card spreads. Everyone has suffered at some time for love and in those moments of vulnerability, the help of an experienced professional is necessary. In addition, today’s clairvoyants have adapted very well to new technologies and can solve any problem, regardless of where the querent is located. At unCOMO, we are going to show you how to do a love tarot spread so that you can learn more about this esoteric method that can help you in your future.

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Some problems related to feelings can be solved with a conversation, but it is not always so simple. The truth is that relationships are complicated, we ourselves are, and the role of tarot readers is to help others to clarify doubts, cause reconciliation or facilitate important decisions. The love tarot is a very effective esoteric option to solve questions associated with the sentimental plane. You can ask anything you need to know; for example: Love tarot is the solution, although most people do not know how it works and how effective it is.

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A very common question in the Tarot World refers to the cards that could indicate the breakup of a love relationship. Obviously, the subject is complex and depends also on other factors. For example, the context of the spread, the cards that have appeared and the way the question has been asked.

There are quite explicit cards that indicate that something is not going well in a couple and that can be taken into consideration to anticipate a breakup. In this case, my list is not intended to be a lapidary list but a guide for those involved to do everything possible to avoid a fatal outcome. That is, assuming that the events that have occurred are reversible or not so serious.

It is extremely important to remember that all the cards are neutral, but they adopt positive or negative meanings depending on the structure of the question and the concept and image of the card that appears.

It is not one of the most positive if the question refers to the continuity of the relationship. A gloomy character appears in front of other people who seem to surrender to his presence, defeated. At a conceptual level, the card conveys the idea of lack or things that are diminished.

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Couple Spread

This card warns us that the lack of material resources can wear out the couple. It symbolizes a breakup due to financial problems. The card shows how the destitute are deprived of the basics and warns us that the couple is not willing to meet their financial obligations, which can lead to the breakup of the couple or the end of the relationship.

This card can show couples who, after a long relationship and having their children already out of the house, decide to end the relationship due to the emptiness that the independence of their children has left.

This card can indicate the breakup of a couple due to the intervention of a third person. This card indicates that someone external will come to the couple and will shake the foundations of the relationship to the point of destroying them.

Among all the cards that can indicate a breakup, this is one of the most hopeful cards. Although it indicates a divorce or breakup, it tells us that this will be a divorce by mutual agreement. Something that will make things much easier for both members of the couple.

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