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Candy gram fundraiser

Pandemic fundraising activities

The Social Fund of MedicinesThe money collected from the sale of the solidarity candy jars will go to fight against pharmaceutical poverty through the Social Fund of Medicines project.

The Fondo Social de Medicamentos was launched in the city of Barcelona at the beginning of 2015 and aims to cover the economic contributions in medicines of those who cannot afford them. There are currently more than 700 beneficiaries of the project, in Barcelona and Montcada i Reixac, who no longer have to abandon their pharmacy treatments due to lack of resources.

School fundraising ideas

In conjunction with the arrival of the Three Wise Men, on January 5, the raffle for the basket will be held in the Town Hall square. Those who make contributions to fill it, or those who buy ballots at different points set up for this purpose, will participate, which will cost two euros, the equivalent of a kilo of candy.

Among the items already included in the open basket are backpacks, home ornaments, books, handbags, chocolates, slippers, clothing, key rings, costume jewelry and wines, among many others. In addition, the list will continue to grow until December 3, the final date for contributions. The basket will be on display in a local located in front of the municipal market for those who wish to see its contents.

Ideas to raise money at school during pandemic

After searching the shelves of my neighborhood Smart & Final (American supermarket), I decided to sell Pixy Stix (pica-pica), candy lollipops and chocolate bars. This was because the cost of these products was relatively low.

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There were certainly less prosperous times, such as after Halloween, Valentine’s Day and during the vacations. I also noticed that it might be a little more difficult to make a sale during the school fundraiser, when students were up to their ears in candy and perhaps more focused on selling their own.

After setting aside some money to buy more candy, I gave the rest for the big 8th grade trip to Washington, DC. While my mom helped pay for part of my trip, I raised the rest of the money, partly from selling candy through a school fundraiser, and partly from my own efforts.

The rest of my earnings I spent on random things: stickers, clothes, Christmas gifts for friends and family, and on food while hanging out at my local mall. Having a specific savings goal to work towards kept me going. Even on days when I didn’t feel like selling, or felt discouraged because I wasn’t making as much money as I had hoped, I kept my eye on the prize.

Fundraising ideas for a trip

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