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Grills here in Argentina have a whole folklore around which is the ideal grill. Let’s start talking about the types of grills, some say that the best grills are round iron, angle iron, square iron, coated, uncoated, stainless steel, wire…..

Round iron lovers claim that it is the best option and that it is easy to clean since everything falls on the fire and is consumed. And they assure that in the angle iron the fat of the roast is gathered and the meat to cook comes out fried or boiled.

Having made all these expositions I tell you that basically any type of grill that you acquire… half of the guests to your house are going to be dissatisfied with the choice and they are going to give you a lesson of why another alternative was the ideal one. This whole subject is so relative to the grill that you will find as many opinions as there are grills.

As far as stainless steel is concerned, it normally raises a lot of temperature very quickly. This causes whatever is resting on the grill to stick. Normally it is not so used, also its price can discourage more than one.

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Used for grilling meats, fish and vegetables. The oldest model consists of an iron grill, with a handle and mounted on four feet, which is placed over coals. Nowadays, there are also different models of grills, such as gas, charcoal, electric, etc.

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The second story rather tells that at the end of the XIX century, in the surroundings of the Río de la Plata, wrought iron grills were used to tighten the hides while they were drying. Gauchos of that era are credited with using this tool to roast the leftover meat from slaughtered animals.

There is much debate about which type of grill is best for barbecue, even among the great masters of the coals. Many argue that stainless steel grills are better, simply because they are made of a higher quality material. In reality, this is a half-truth, and both options have advantages and disadvantages. In addition, when deciding on a type of grill, it is essential to take into account the use to which it will be put, the space and the expectations of each person.

Homemade charcoal grills

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Charcoal grill leader

With the sun and the good weather comes the time for barbecues, but …. Which grill should we buy: charcoal or gas? Science is clear: grilling on a gas grill is objectively and scientifically better than grilling on a charcoal grill. Whether it’s fish, meat or vegetables, the gas grill rules! It doesn’t matter if they tell you that food with charcoal as fuel tastes better, it’s a lie and we’ll tell you why.okay with charcoal the grill takes much more temperature and radiates possibly better heat, but gas grills use a specific surface to create that radiation and be at the height of the coal, either with ceramic plates, bars or rocks. These surfaces are heated by the gas generating that radiant heat that charcoal naturally causes.

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