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Cat love cake

Happy Birthday New Love Story Cartoon Cartoons

EVA SAN MARTÍN. Now or never. Here goes, I confess: I am an insatiable consumer of cat-related information on the internet. I’ve already let it out, what a relief! In my disclaimer I will say that I am a journalist and that I do freelance feline speaking and writing. True, all of us addicts need a justification that we think is plausible, don’t we?

But what happens when you discover that not all cat food is as good as it should be? The normal thing to do is to switch brands and, in my case, also to do some research. That’s how I came up with my first homemade recipes.

Prawns are not essential for a good feline cake, and we can avoid them in the cheap recipes, but they were the favorite part! Anyway, it is better if we chop them up, to make things easier for them.

Tibero and his black cats at #ClandestinoSessions.

Hello, we are very glad that you are here, we want to tell you that with our CANINE AND FELINE BAKERY PROGRAM you will develop skills and competences to make spectacular preparations of Cake – Snacks and various natural, healthy and nutritious food for Dogs and Cats, you only need to add 2 ingredients:


  As a result of all the above, you will have access to an excellent and detailed VITALITY PROGRAM, which through 43 Master Classes in HD video and with a total estimated duration of more than 300 minutes of detailed step by step explanation, will provide you with knowledge and training in the world of Artisan Baking for Dogs and Cats. You will have lifetime access to all the updates of the program!

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  In conclusion, by belonging to our exclusive group you will find complementary lessons to the course, recommendations and additional tips, all from the hand of our expert and step by step we are integrating our pets in the natural, healthy and fun food that you will learn.

No time to lose – Los Gatos

The main base of this cake is salmon, a wonderful food as it contains exceptional properties, not only for dogs and cats, but also for humans. It contains an important amount of essential amino acids, minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc and vitamins A, B and D and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acid. In addition, salmon meat and oil are easy for our furry friends to digest and have high levels of crude protein.

Protein helps organs develop optimally and promotes bone and immune system strengthening, as well as good blood circulation. It also promotes a healthy, shiny skin and coat.

In both cooked and Barf food you will find a wide variety of dishes with chicken, turkey, lamb, pork, beef and even fish so that your 4-legged friend can have the diet he deserves.


Dear reader I share with you my painting “Enamorados”, the technique is pastel on paper and belongs to my collection called “Su Majestad el Gato”, composed of 120 images of cats, which premiered at the Club de Periodistas de México, in March 2016, in Mexico City.

Generally when we talk about love we understand it as a feeling of affection towards another person. However, love can be understood in the most diverse ways and is not necessarily directed to a particular congener.

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Love between friends and family is known as filia, while Agape, for the ancient Greeks, was the purest and most disinterested love. The celebration of February 14 began when Pope Gelasius I, declared this day to vindicate the murder of a priest named Valentine, who secretly married young people under the Christian rite against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II, which is why he was martyred and killed. Another version is that this festivity was used to replace the Lupercalia Feast (feast of wolves), a celebration with sexual overtones for the sake of fertility; let’s remember that Luperca is the she-wolf that suckles Romulus and Remus, founders of the city of Rome.

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