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Celine visor

Women’s celine cap

While most of us are longing for the good weather, the cap, a recurring trend with the arrival of high temperatures, is already starting to reinvent itself. We tell you all about this infallible that is not only a great way to solve our ‘bad hair day’, but also to give a casual but classy touch to our outfits.

It happened in the early 1990s. After being taken off the baseball fields by artists ranging from punk rockers and grunge singers to pop stars and the MTV generation of the 2000s, the cap was soon worn (with the visor down) by Hollywood’s top celebrities. The reason? To go unnoticed and avoid attracting photographers. Although in the end they achieved quite the opposite…

Of course, the rise of this accessory as a fashion must-have is also due to a particular member of royalty? Yes, we’re talking about Lady Di, and the fact is that Princess Diana’s cap set is only slightly less iconic than her wedding dress. In fact, we’d even go so far as to say that it was her famous photograph wearing a stylish cap paired with an XXL blazer that gave women some of the freedom – and empowered them – in the face of the cap.

Cap celine price

The rapper is creating a Celine Dion effect when she attends fashion weeks. First, she dazzled in a total Thierry Mugler look for the debut of the artist’s couture showcase.

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Cardi B wore a tweed cross-body jacket with surreal button surrealistic factions with two cups tailored to her real breasts. She complemented her look with a gold chain molded with a teardrop-shedding eye and a nose. She wore leather gloves and rings in the shape of a molar and on her head a golden metallic sheet that simulates a visor.

Celine wallet

It is worn with a coat, jacket, feathers, and in summer it makes even more sense. Brands like Celine, have included the visor as a complement plus, for many of his creations of the new season.

If your problem to wear a visor is your hair, and that your hairstyle is ruined, use a ponytail, and forget about ironing it. More practical impossible, without problems with humidity, and live that moment of comfort that visors bring us. With braids and baseball visor, another possibility.

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