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Chakra earth star

How to activate the earth star chakra

This chakra is our anchor to the Earth in the shape of a crystal star, located approximately 30 cms below our feet. When we connect with this energy, we ground ourselves to the Earth and strengthen our connection to the sky. This chakra can help us send healing energy to the planet to reconnect it with wisdom and help us walk through life feeling connected and happy.To connect with this energy you can use the following visualization:Imagine golden-copper colored roots coming out of the soles of your feet into the deepest center of the Earth. When they reach the center, they find a crystal star in which they become entangled and pull in tightly, so that you begin to feel gravity pull a little bit of you down into the earth. Take several deep breaths and open yourself to receive whatever information Archangel Sandalphon wants to give you about yourself and the planet. Take a couple more breaths and say the following prayer: “I am anchored and centered. I allow myself to be rooted in Mother Earth. I am the Earth and the Earth is in me. I now align myself with my Earth Star. We are one.”

Chakras of the soul

A chakra imbalance can manifest on a physical and emotional level. Most people experience the symptoms without even being aware of it. The key to chakra healing is to learn to listen to your body and mind and accept that physical or emotional discomforts are messages from your body trying to communicate; so they should not be taken lightly and blamed on circumstances. Listen to the symptoms so you can take action and heal.

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There are several techniques that help balance and open the chakras, ranging from meditation, chanting, eating and physical activity. Here is a summary of three effective techniques for balancing the Root Chakra.

Since people with imbalance of Root chakra feel restless and disconnected, the first step to healing Muladhara chakra is to re-establish this connection. Stimulate a feeling of grounding by connecting with the earth; work in the garden, go for long walks in nature, be aware of the constant pull of gravity wherever you are,… At the same time also ensure a safe and harmonious connection with your environment and your loved ones. This connection with the earth and your environment will induce a feeling of balance and safety and will help you to be in peace with who you are and what you do.

Star of the soul

In addition to the 7 main chakras, all human beings possess a soul chakra and an earth chakra. These help us connect with our spiritual “self” and with the energy of nature, respectively.

Most people who are familiar with the chakras know that there are 7 main chakras: the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. Although they are the elemental ones, there are two others that are equally important, but few know about: the soul star chakra and the earth star chakra.

These energy centers help us feel more connected to celestial aspects and mother nature, respectively, and the good news is that, like the 7 most well-known ones, they can be balanced and strengthened.

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This energy center connects our soul with that of the universe, it represents the higher “I” or the part of us that exists inside and outside the physical body. Metaphysical issues such as past lives and karma are concentrated here.

Mother Earth Chakra

Working of the angels earth star chakra products are an aromatic blend of pure essential oils chosen by Archangel Sandalphon, which nourishes and supports this chakra. These oils are blended with the energy grounding awareness of crystals such as aragonite and black tourmaline, complemented by the consciousness expanding properties of elestial quartz to activate and support this important chakra. Earth Star Chakra at a Glance-Guides us to our soul’s ideal location for growth and completion of our life’s mission-Can connect us to the 9th dimensional cosmic light, as well as the wisdom buried deep within Earth’s consciousness-Serves as a vehicle through which we can anchor the 9th Dimensional Light on our planet for its ascension and that of others.One 4-ounce spray bottle lasts up to 2 months. The candles burn continuously for up to 24 hours.

I really love all the sprays and candle sets from this vendor. As intuitive and empathic, they help with meditative practice, energy clearing within my auric field. I find they are also great for house and room blessings, especially when my family members are experiencing stress. Thank you for creating such beautiful products that smell amazing and bring so much harmony.

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