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Wedding Buffet Menu

Ideally, you can offer a variety for your friends and family to find something they will enjoy. This being the case, there can be three types of snacks. Decide if you will have a combination of sweet, salty or fruit snacks. To guide you, you will find a list with different alternatives.

As mentioned, the ideal is that you can offer different options. You can mix sweet and salty snacks to satisfy all palates. The following list includes ideas of typical desserts from the country and others from abroad.

Wedding food prices

The wedding banquet is a central element in any wedding and one of the preparations in which the bride and groom are more indecisive. Knowing exactly what amount of food is ideal to satisfy the guests and ensure that they do not stay hungry at the celebration is a rather complicated task, but do not worry in this article of unComo we bring you some simple tips and tricks that will help you to discover how to calculate the food for a wedding.

Keep in mind that weddings are not events where you go to gorge on food and drink, but to have fun and enjoy the most beautiful and special day of the couple. The key is to give more importance to quality than quantity to enjoy, in addition, a succulent wedding banquet that is at the height of the most demanding palates.

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The Mediterranean salad has radishes, red and yellow cherry tomatoes, cucumber, green leaves (which can be spinach, chard and lettuce) and lemon juice. Pretty simple, don’t you think? There is also the roasted vegetable salad that can have cauliflower and baby carrots mixed with garlic, paprika and olvida oil (this is what is roasted at 200° for 15 minutes) and once cold, spinach, olive oil, lemon juice and roasted peanuts are added.

Vegetables will be your best friends on your wedding day (and in life in general) because they have great nutritional properties and are very tasty, but above all because they are usually very economical, especially if they are in season. As appetizers we suggest some skewers because they are also fun and very practical. The key to success with them is to select seasonal, fresh, light and colorful vegetables.

Pasta is one of the most economical and profitable foods, and well prepared it can be a haute cuisine dish, so do not hesitate to include it in your banquet. After having offered a starter and appetizers, pasta is excellent as a main course even if it does not have a protein as the main ingredient. If you wish to consider it as a first course, it will also be a success.

Mexican wedding food

Offering a limited bar is an excellent way to reduce costs. Soft drinks, water, beer and wine are generally the cheapest options offered at a bar, and at the same time are liked by most people. Buying a variety of these drinks when they go on sale is a great way to cut costs, after all, they are not perishable and you can stock them in advance.

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Chicken breasts are sold in bulk at many convenience stores. You can buy several packages and prepare them the same way, by pouring on a prepared sauce or sautéing with the sauce of your choice. Carrots are an inexpensive vegetable, allowing you to serve several to each diner at a low cost. You can make a few potatoes yield by adding milk and butter when mashing them and have them serve more guests than if you served an individual baked potato. Keep the chicken and mashed potatoes warm in the slow stove to serve when the time comes.

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