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Concrete conveyor truck

Concrete truck price

Concrete pumpingAt Hormigones Manacor we work with the main manufacturers of the concrete sector to cover all your needs, no matter how special they may seem.we do:Give us the necessary information of the work and leave it in our hands. We also sell you coloring for your mixture. Consult budget without commitment.

Concrete transportIn Hormigones Manacor we want to optimize the resources of your company and your works, that’s why we offer you our competitive concrete transport service, because concrete is not an easy material to transport and store and because quality is measured in time. Save time and money with Hormigones Manacor, call us!

Sale of concreteConcrete is one of the most used materials in the world of construction, a product resulting from the mixture of cement, aggregates and water. Its high durability and its flexibility and ductility provide many facilities for its Hormigones Manacor we have the concrete you want and at the price you need. We have coloring for concrete, consult us without commitment.

Concrete mixer with pump

cncsc truck concrete mixer is a construction machine which is used for mixing sand, gravel, cement together with construction concrete, it is made of chassis, pto, mixing drum, reducer, hydraulic system, cleaning system and operation device, etc.

cncsc truck is the leading professional truck manufacturer in China, we offer various heavy duty trucks, trailers and other series of concrete mixer truck parts. contact us and get a detail on our trucks.

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Concrete transport truck is a dedicated truck used to transport construction concrete. Due to its shape, it is also known as the snail. the characteristics of concrete mixer truck is that it has good fuel economy, low maintenance cost and great adaptability.

The concrete mixer truck is a special truck used to transport concrete for construction: because of its shape, it is often called the snail or olive cart. This type of truck is equipped with a cylindrical mixer drum to transport mixed concrete. the mixer drum will always rotate during transport to ensure that the transported concrete does not freeze.

Cemex Concrete Mixer Truck

– The quality and uniformity of the concrete is guaranteed through strict control of the raw materials of the concrete delivered to the job site.    – Delivery is formalized at the pre-established place and time, with the quality and quantities previously agreed upon.    – Leftovers and waste are eliminated.    – There is a significant saving of space and cleanliness on site.    – There is an important final economy in the concrete item.    – The pumping service is provided with the consequent speed and cleanliness for the transport of concrete within the construction site.    – Usable in any type of work – Reduction of labor and consequently, of work costs – Greater productivity in less time – Concrete with controlled quality.

Concrete mixer truck

The concrete mixer, concrete mixer or mixer is an apparatus or machine used for the elaboration of concrete. Its main function is to replace the manual mixing of the different elements that make up the concrete: cement, aggregates and water. The aggregates used in the elaboration of concrete are usually thick and heavy, so the mechanization of this process involves a great workload in construction.

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The concrete mixer truck is a truck specialized in the transport of concrete. The difference with other trucks is based on the fact that on the frame of the truck there is a tank of approximately cylindrical shape. This tank is mounted on an axle inclined with respect to the frame, so that it can rotate.

The principle of operation is very simple, it is to keep the concrete in motion in order to delay its setting and achieve homogeneity in the mixture. This movement is achieved by means of an auxiliary motor or by transmission of the truck’s own engine, mechanically or hydraulically.

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