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Shackleton Antarctic expedition summary

Chubasquera: Protection against rain and splashes made of canvas or suitable material that is placed at the exit of the carriage. This is also the name given to the packing that is made to the mast as it passes through the firebox, to prevent or limit leaks into the cabin.

Square: Direction perpendicular to the keel equivalent to across. Also called a type of rectangular-shaped spar used in the past and nowadays only seen on large sailing ships.

Guindola: A type of seat generally consisting of a plank and four stays joined by a shackle and attached to a halyard for the purpose of hoisting a crewman to make repairs to the masts. Special lifebuoy having an automatically operated lantern to enable it to be located when thrown into the water.

Mobile headstay: A fitting that attaches a forestay or shroud to the fixed headstay. It is called movable because it has several possible positions for the bolt, thus allowing the setting of the mast to be changed.

Shackleton endurance expedition

This epic adventure begins in Edmonton, a city on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River in the province of Alberta. It is the northernmost metropolitan region in North America. Forbes magazine recently cited Edmonton as “one of Canada’s hottest destinations.” If your flight arrives early, you’ll have time to find out why.

Edmonton is a lively and colorful place, with all the attractions of a modern metropolis. There is an interesting food scene, several craft breweries and distilleries, many boutiques and a cutting-edge art scene. All in all, it is the ideal place to prepare for the next two months at sea.

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Cambridge Bay is a settlement of about 2,000 people on Victoria Island, one of the largest islands in the Canadian Arctic. In the local Inuinnaqtun language, Cambridge Bay is known as “Iqaluktuuttiaq,” meaning “good fishing spot.” It is an appropriate name as many visitors come here to fish for Arctic char.

What happened to the crew of the endurance

There are two propellers, to understand, but propelled by electric motors that each suck about 7,000 kw, or 14,000 in total. The rest for the jacuzzis, various bars, and various parties in cabins, etc.

And even in the crappiest of the merchant ships there is at least one emergency auxiliary, the “Port” that would ensure that it is not left without the basics in case of fall of the plant or “Blackout”, as has been the case.

I imagine that this one will carry by SOLAS regulations quadruple emergency auxiliaries for fire pumps, bilge, power supply of appliances, situation lights, and of course to start “Main” etc.

(25-03-2019, 07:51 PM)machinist wrote: dear, a boat just put in the water, ” we went out to do the mile ” – engine test – and after 35 minutes of being sailing, a short circuit, ” IT SHOT THE PLANT ” – Main Frame – and we were without total government to the gale, we had just voted the boat in gijon, only had 35 minutes of sailing,

that ship will have two engines as main propellers, and four diesel-generators as auxiliaries, if for any reason the plant – that is the main switchboard – jumps, the ship is totally without energy, totally in the dark, without steering, the main engines can not be started until there is no energy for the oil pumps, fuel, cooling water, and air compressors for starting,

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The endurance crossing

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