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The process of compiling the information was an arduous task given that, in most of the institutions during the period of change of government, the databases of the existing information systems in each of the institutions were deactivated, making the process of collecting the information difficult and therefore causing the delay of this fourth report, which led to requesting an extension in the delivery date.

The loss of dynamism in the agricultural sector is reflected in the acute situation of extreme poverty in rural areas. General poverty and extreme poverty have an eminently rural bias. Poverty is closely linked to the level of family income, which is closely linked to the employment or unemployment status of the family members.

The employed population does not present significant differences in relation to poverty strata or geographic location, but it does present a large gap in relation to gender, “thus the male economically active population (EAP) practically doubles the female population at the national level (73.3% versus 37.9%), in the extreme poor it is more than triple (77% versus 23.3%) and among the non-poor, the male EAP is 1.6 times more than the female (71.6% versus 45%)” (INIDE: 2006).

Perla de Occidente Lubricants

Academics, administrative workers and union representatives of the Autonomous University of Mexico City (UACM) announced that the director of follow-up of the Mexico City Human Rights Commission (CDHDF), Montserrat Rizo, granted a period of five days to the authorities of the university to reconsider the partial acceptance of recommendation 14/2012, issued on September 28. The deadline expires on Monday, November 12. For her part, Rector Esther Orozco Orozco, after inviting the students who have taken over the five campuses of the Autonomous University of Mexico City (UACM) to enter into a dialogue that will allow the reopening, protect autonomy, reinforce the quality of education within the institution’s model and strengthen ties with the community of that house of studies, affirmed that she will not resign.

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Students from the Vasco de Quiroga de Tiripetío rural teacher training college set up a permanent sit-in in front of the government palace in the city of Morelia, to demand compliance with the minutes of the curricular reform. Meanwhile, the educational authorities announced that this Wednesday the dialogue will be resumed. The young people, dissatisfied because the English and computer subjects have not been left out of the curriculum, marched from the monument to Lázaro Cárdenas to then plant themselves on Madero Avenue, in front of the palace. In addition to the tents, they set up a corral with farm animals.

Medical equipment guadalajara federalism

Chihuahua, Chih.- Despite the fact that authorities since 2012 warned of the popularization of the use of crystal meth, in the entity is becoming more frequent its distribution and health problems as a result of the abuse of this highly addictive substance.

In addition, the Ministry of Health reported that the abuse of this substance is due to the affordable prices and most of the consumers were exposed to marijuana, so they fear that soon there will be more consumers in the capital.

Although heroin had a great boom in the entity, crystal meth, whose dose costs up to 150 pesos, is closer to young people because of the immediate effects and the euphoric state lasts up to 72 hours.

“We are against the regulation of drugs and I want to say it from a very clear point of view, if right now we have a very big challenge with alcohol and tobacco that are regulated and continue to be a threat to young people and adolescents, imagine the fact that marijuana is raised or regulated, it is a drug that triggers other addictions and of course not only crystal meth,” he said.

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The oak processionary moth is now a common pest throughout Europe, especially during spring and summer1. In its caterpillar form, this invasive species is not only detrimental to trees, but also poses a threat to humans. Workers in forestry, road construction, pest control and landscaping are particularly exposed to this hazard, which can cause various allergic reactions2….

The Occupational Risk Prevention Law (Law 31/1995) establishes the right to effective protection of workers against risks arising from working conditions, as well as the obligation to follow certain principles of action when applying the measures that make up the general duty of prevention established by the Law….

The International Standard ISO/CD16900-4 issued by the Technical Committee ISO/TC94/SC15 responsible for Respiratory Protection Equipment, whose secretariat is held by DIN, covers several topics. Part 4 specifies the test methods and equipment necessary to determine the capacity of gas filters.

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