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Daniel morel model

Daniel Morel: From selling cabbage to modeling for brands.

“I thought I was retouched. (Then) Daniel wrote me and I asked him to take a picture outside his house with natural light. (That’s) when I was able to notice the good skin and that sculpted body,” Sandro told the U.S. media outlet.

“[Her] body is handmade, she looks like a handmade statue. Her skin is flawless, and her smile of an angel. But the most important thing is that he is beautiful on the inside, it’s as if he was raised in a place without evil,” the famous talent scout said.

The young man, whose dad works in agriculture and his mom is a housewife, and who grew up in absolute poverty, now shares on his Instagram account some of his experiences on the most famous catwalks. Through photographs and videos he lets his followers know about his accelerated and productive modeling career.

Daniel Morel Dominican Model on International Catwalks

It is no secret that the exotic beauty of Dominican models has captivated the most important fashion brands in the world. However, not only women have a space in this industry, and Daniel Morel is the best example of this, who recently became the first Dominican to model for a Haute Couture fashion show, specifically for Dolce & Gabbana.

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“I thought I was retouched. Then Daniel wrote me and I asked him to take a picture outside his house with natural light. I was able to notice the good skin and that sculpted body,” the manager tells the magazine, assuring that he immediately made an appointment for him in the capital to sign him and begin his training.

And although all this already makes him a top model internationally, the most important milestone of his career so far is to have been part of the Givenchy and recently Dolce & Gabbana Haute Couture fashion shows, becoming the first Dominican male model to do so.

Professional model Daniel Morel in “Dominicanos por el

The interest in looking good in men is becoming more and more notorious, a fact that has brought as a consequence that recognized brands in the world of haute couture have decided to bet on the male youth to entrust their best creations and attract large crowds.

Morel is a native of the El Limón sector, in Samaná, and although he comes from a humble family, that was not an impediment for him to capture the attention of Sandro Guzmán, of Ossygeno Models, who was impressed with his sculptural physique and saw in him that charm that today is conquering all of Europe.

“I am super happy because I was longing for a model who would follow the career of the Dominican top models and walk for the big ones. Daniel already put our country on the world map of men’s fashion and we know that very good things are coming for his career. He is a boy who lived in poverty and now sees great opportunities in his life,” says Guzman.

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Listed by British Vogue magazine as one of the ten catwalk figures to know now, he also walked for Versace, Prada and Givenchy, Hermes and Lanvin, where he made an impact with his attributes.

Licett Morillo, the Dominican model that shows her pride

Luis Arturo Morel Acosta, although nicknamed Daniel, was born in a zinc and wood house in the province of Samaná. He helped in his parents’ business selling cabbage and today he is one of the most sought after and prominent models in the world, being in the top 10 of male figures of Vogue magazine.

Morel participated in a reality show that took place in Samaná where an American photographer contacted modeling agent Sandro Guzman, requesting a photo of Daniel Morel taken in natural light.

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