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Dating over 30 meme

I’m thankful for my 30 years

A classic if ever there was one, it is not difficult to read or hear that The Godfather is one of the best movies of all time, if not the best. A saga where we witness the darkest corners of existence such as corruption, power, revenge, love, betrayal or ambition. Here we leave you 30 of the best phrases of the masterpiece par excellence of the seventh art… And a video summary with the best if you want to save time to spend it with the family.

Don Corleone to the drug dealer Sollozzo: “It’s true that I have many friends in politics, but they would stop being friends if they knew that I’m into drugs instead of gambling, which for them is a harmless vice”.

Sollozzo: “Don Corleone. I need a man with powerful friends. I need a million dollars in cash. I need, Don Corleone, all those politicians you carry in your pocket like pennies.”

Don Corleone, during his recovery from the assassination attempt: “I don’t want inquiries. I don’t want acts of revenge. I want you to arrange a meeting with the heads of the Five Families. This war ends now.”

Memes of 30 year old women

This article is part of a research project developed at the School of Journalism and Social Communication of the UNLP1 whose main objective is to identify and analyze narratives, aesthetics and politics in the scenario of technological convergence. In this context, the meme emerges as one of those recurrent narratives of digital spaces, so this paper contributes to address part of the issues raised by the research project.

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For this article, the digital social network Instagram was explored as a space for the production and circulation of memes, which are considered as a contemporary humorous narrative that, although linked to previous narratives such as graffiti or stencils, is enhanced in digital scenarios.

The starting point was a survey of administrators of Instagram accounts mainly dedicated to the production and circulation of memes. These responses were then linked to an analysis of the memes they publish and the links between the different accounts.

Memes of the 30 years

This work deals with the origins of the meme and its adaptation to the Internet as the creator of a new form of communication. The memetic attitude accounts for the creation, appropriation and reinterpretation of certain codes that circulate freely on the network, propitiated by the connectivity of platforms. Everyday life is invaded by images that are self-conscious of their existence as a copy, evidencing the apprehension of codes for their use. Repetition is sustained by the sense of belonging and the interpellation of situations that give rise to a more reflexive use of memes. This is how macro images ascend as a means of immediate and light social criticism, using visuality for an impact that positions them as plausible to be shared and imitated. Like a virus, they find in the Internet the propitious medium to install themselves and, like genes, spread to the most remote places.

A virus spreads through the population. However, people do not seem to suffer from it, but rather they are the ones who drive the contagion. The Internet becomes the receptacle of this phenomenon and the users the carriers. The agent is responsible for a victimless disease, whose end is perpetual repetition.

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Women in their 30’s phrases

The novel was dedicated by its author to Jomi García Ascot and wife, María Luisa Elío.[6] Both were writers, friends of García Márquez, immigrants in Mexico (like the author himself) and provided him with important support during the difficult time he lived through while writing the book.[14] When the civil war breaks out, the population takes an active part in the conflict by sending an army of resistance led by Colonel Aureliano Buendía to fight against the conservative regime.

When the civil war breaks out, the population takes an active part in the conflict by sending a resistance army led by Colonel Aureliano Buendía to fight against the conservative regime. In the town, meanwhile, Arcadio (grandson of the founder and son of Pilar Ternera and José Arcadio) is appointed by his uncle as civil and military chief, and becomes a brutal dictator who is shot when conservatism regains power.

Aureliano Triste, one of the seventeen sons of Colonel Aureliano Buendía, sets up an ice factory in Macondo, leaves his brother Aureliano Centeno in charge of the business and leaves town with the idea of bringing the train. He returns after a short time, fulfilling his mission, which generates a great development, since with the train, the telegraph, the gramophone and the cinema also arrive. Then the town becomes a center of activity in the region, attracting thousands of people from different places. Some newly arrived foreigners start a banana plantation near Macondo. The town prospers until a strike breaks out in the banana plantation; to put an end to it, the national army is present and the protesting workers are killed and thrown into the sea.

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