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Diseños de closet

Built-in closet designs for bedrooms.

How important it is to have a good storage cabinet in the master bedroom. Our most personal belongings deserve a closet that meets three fundamental requirements: comfort, practicality and organization. And if it is attractive, so much the better.

Choosing the perfect closet is not an easy task. There are countless styles and finishes to store our most precious treasures. The year 2021 is full of versatile trends for all tastes and budgets.

Lack of space or simply because they seem more practical, makes us opt for a built-in closet with sliding doors. But they are no less stylish because their finishes are becoming more and more special; high gloss lacquered, matte, textured imitating fabrics, with grooves and cuts. There are as many possibilities as there are personal tastes.

If the room is very small, our particular advice to gain visual space, is to choose a white finish or neutral tone for the closet. It will blend more easily into the environment and make the room appear larger. Damping brakes and stops are essential in sliding doors to achieve a smooth and shock-free closing.

Built-in closet designs

Nowadays houses or apartments do not have enough space and without a doubt the bedroom is an area where we want to make the most of all the area we have. The capacity of the closets decreases more and more and it becomes complicated to store the clothes of the season and shoes.

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The rack will serve as a support where you can hang your clothes in a simple way; you can use PVC or metal pipes. Underneath you can place drawers to your size horizontally or vertically, so you can organize your closet in a simple and orderly way.

Bags are the perfect accessory. They allow us to carry whatever we need during the course of the day, such as toiletries, cosmetics, cell phone chargers and keys. And they also make us look amazing.

Having a bed with a headboard has several advantages: they are comfortable to use as a backrest, they keep you from bumping into the wall, they add a touch of elegance and personality, and they help the bed have more support and support, and they are a …

Wooden cabinet designs

Undoubtedly a sliding door closet can be a very elegant closet, which allows you to make better use of the room, with more interior space and you can place in any room of the home.

These modern built-in closets will solve the need for storage that exists in today’s homes, because you can also place it in any space in your home, in the master bedroom, the ironing room, the youth bedroom…

If you do not find the right closet for that hole that you have in the room, the best solution is to make it built-in as, with NOLIMITS + sure you can have that model that you like so much.

Now it is essential to stop and think about what clothes we have, how many pairs of shoes, how many accessories, so you can choose the most suitable interior elements for YOUR walk-in closet model.

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Modern cabinet designs

The big problem of sharing a closet with a couple is the continuous mixing of clothes. To avoid this inconvenience a good option is this modular closet that perfectly delimits a space for each member of the couple.

When creating a closet it is important to take advantage of all the space. It is therefore recommended that these storage spaces have ceiling height. The upper part will be a trunk that may or may not be used, but it will always be an extra space to store things.

A very practical way to take advantage of the wall in front of the closet is to fill it with hangers for accessories. If the space is very narrow, you will have to be careful with the volume of these accessories.

To have everything at hand, there is nothing better than having a clothes hanger as a closet. This furniture allows to have all the clothes percheada and access to it easily and quickly. In addition its price is usually really economic.

In the examples in this article, doors have been discarded as a method to close the closet. However, it is possible to keep some privacy inside the dressing room, for example, using a curtain.

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