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Dolce quartz countertop

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Eric never tires of telling his friends: he has the most beautiful round island kitchen in the world – and he measures his words. However, Sandrine didn’t want anything that was too flashy, she wanted something exceptional. Schmidt has met the challenge thanks to the custom-made Emerald green S-shaped quartz countertop that contrasts with the micron white wall units – easily accessible thanks to the folding doors.

There is no lack of light in this kitchen full of glass and garden views. A natural style that is reproduced in the interior thanks to the stone-look worktop and matte green fronts (Rocca Grey and Sencha colors), and to the equipment that integrates the planters in the central island.


The tones that fundamentally characterize the feeling of space are lacquered in a satin matt among others such as Nordic white, taupe, gray….. The quartz stone worktop in three perfectly coordinated color versions. The drawers offer plenty of storage space and are equipped with the Tip -on technique and automatic closing. The “satin” finishes transport you to a more peaceful and comforting atmosphere, nothing better for a space of such intimate and personal use because it combines easily with other colors bringing the perfect balance to the environment.

Dolce quartz countertop online

Before we get down to work and change the kitchen countertop, the first thing to do is to choose the new one. For them we can opt for different types of materials, each with its advantages and disadvantages, as well as having different prices. Let’s see which are the most common.

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Within this category are those composed of a solid base to which a sheet of plastic material has been glued. Their main weakness is a possible leakage of moisture due to poor installation.

The use of wood offers great beauty, but on the other hand, it has the problem of requiring greater care. It tends to be very sensitive to knocks, cuts and other actions that cause it to lose some of its shine. It can be a good option to use recycled pallets.

This type of countertops are the result of an industrial process where particles of natural quartz are mixed with polyester resin, obtaining a product of great hardness. The best known brand is Silestone, although there are more brands on the market.

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