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Ductos para aire acondicionado

Industrial air conditioning ducts

Fire-protected installation shaft. It contains air conditioning ducts and copper pipes. The support of the concrete slab on the block wall is made by means of a ceramic fiber joint on mineral fiber.

The air ducts are the elements of an air conditioning or air conditioning installation, through which the treated air is distributed or recirculated between the air conditioning unit and the conditioned spaces, or, in a ventilation system, the stale air is extracted from a room or new air is blown in from the outside. To fulfill this mission in a practical way, the ducts must be sized within certain pre-established limitations, related to available space, speed, sound level, load losses, heat losses or gains and leakage.

Air ducts can be rectangular or circular. Any type of material used in the construction of ducts must have the property of not spreading fire, not give off toxic gases in case of fire and also be able to mechanically withstand the stresses produced by its weight, the manipulations to which it is subjected and the vibrations and erosion due to the passage of air through its interior.

Air conditioning ducts prices

And also takes into account the energy savings that can generate an air conditioning system, since today there is a global vision of conserving natural resources and mitigate global warming.

An air conditioning installation is intended not only to produce air cooling when it is the summer season as is often considered, because the air conditioner is also used to dry it in summer and to heat it, occasionally humidify it in winter and generate at all times, the correct and proper ventilation of the premises to ensure the quality of indoor air.

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The advancement of the technique of air conditioning has made indispensable its application in every modern building, because the air conditioning is certainly not a luxury, but a very important requirement, as it is arranged not only as a generator of comfort, but mainly as a factor that contributes to the preservation of the health of the inhabitants of a building and also today is a fundamental necessity in the implementation of industrial processes.

Types of air conditioning ducts

The air ducts are the elements of an air conditioning or air conditioning installation, through which we distribute the treated air between the air conditioner and the conditioned spaces. They can also extract stale air from a room, or introduce new air from outside.

The most commonly used flexible ducts are formed by two sheets of PVC or aluminum, with an intermediate insulator and a steel wire spiral armor to maintain the circular part; its characteristics must comply with the European standard UNE-EN 13180. They are used as connecting sections from the main duct to the terminals or outlets, with a maximum length that is recommended not to exceed 1.5 m, by the possible loss of load or noise production.

The ducts are the best option whenever we have to acclimatize more than one room, and this is due to several reasons. The first thing that comes to mind is the cost savings of not having to buy more than one machine, and the fact that ducts do not have an expiration date. Then, the time and space that would involve the installation of more than one device.

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