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Earth star chakra

Soul Chakras

Clear quartz creates a particularly strong resonance within the third eye chakra, crown chakra, soul star chakra and within the higher transpersonal chakras.

This helps these chakras to emanate more white light. The crown chakra is your connection to the Divine Mind, and from here emanates white light. As this is such an excellent stone to wear, it is worth looking for jewelry made from this stone. You can find it made in jewelry store or birthstone.

Wearing a Tourmaline Quartz Pendant will act as a shield that prevents negativity and promotes and amplifies positive energy to increase harmony in your life. This link to the higher chakras makes these tourmaline quartz crystals have a strong vibration that aids in clear thinking and clarity. All quartz crystals have powerful amplifying properties, and can also be programmed to be used for specific purposes.

Mother Earth Chakra

The 33 Chakras, by Qala Serenia Earth Star Chakra This chakra, one of the 12 largest within the energy body, can be found 15 centimeters (6 inches) below your feet.

Quantum Holoforms CRYSTAL ARCOIRIS This booklet will allow you to work with all the Quantum Holoforms LIGHT Codes through your creativity. You will be able to cut them out, color them, give them as a gift or glue them.

Their influence on our physical, mental and spiritual health Monica Ochoa Psicologa / Reikista Many of the current disciplines and theories called alternative such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Yoga, Tai-chi

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The new awakening / the new awakening Harmonization of the Chakras There are several energy centers in our body but there are 7 main Chakras, each one has its own gland or organ, mantra, color, etc.

The Chakras Function Explanation Opinion Alonso Villalobos Granados What are they? The word chakra means vortex or wheel, and is used to refer to the focus or energy centers of our body,

Soul star chakra

The Earth Star Chakra is a transpersonal chakra located outside our body, about 15-30 cm below our feet, which allows us to anchor our light body on Earth. We need to keep this chakra connected in order to fully manifest on a physical level and to develop on a spiritual level in the same way.

If we want to be healthy on an energetic level, we should keep this chakra in shape by doing regular grounding exercises, either from the root chakra, the plantar chakras and / or the Earth Star.

The contact with Nature favors the charge and discharge of our energies. Using black stones to carry or meditate with them (among them the black cyanite is the most recommended, as it helps to connect with the Earth, to restore the energy flow of the channels and to align the chakra), taking energetic steps feeling the ground under our feet and the energy of the Earth, walking barefoot, hugging a tree or lying directly on the ground, are practices that can help us to keep these lower chakras in tune.

The 33 chakras

Activation star of the earth chakra under 1 here we leave you another exercise that has to do with the star of the earth or chakra under 1. This meditation exercise is to activate this energy vortex. As you know this chakra or this star is the one that connects us with the mother energy as mother earth, connects us with the spirit, with her inner voice and helps us to balance emotionally and spiritually.

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When you can no longer be exhausted, raise your arms completely up to the sky and embrace the father cosmos, feel the embrace of heaven, feel the love, forgiveness and divine manifestation in yourself. Breathe very deeply and try as many times as you feel appropriate. Now center for a few moments the attention under your feet and feel how a great star of light is activated and nourishes this state of fullness of greatness and humility at the same time.

This star of the earth activating and channeling for you all this energy of this moment. Another way to activate this light holder in a conscious and lasting way is to work on forgiveness towards ourselves by freeing ourselves from guilt, frustration and feelings of separation and recognizing the love of the pure mother energy and the love of the celestial goddess.

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