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Eclipse granite

Granite stone

Our tiles are made from natural elements and the finest clay available, and are guaranteed to have minimal environmental impact. Our products do not contain chemicals such as formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds or polyvinyl chloride, making them a safe and healthy choice for your space.

We provide a tile specification guide for a better understanding of the products and their specifications. This allows for a convenient and hassle-free purchase of the most suitable tile solution…

An installation guide is provided with every purchase to ensure a perfect tile installation. Proper and correct tile installation ensures longevity and prevents cracks or other leaks…

Use & Care Guide sets out best practices on how tiles should be used and cared for, for a longer life. It serves as the most fundamental guidelines to maintain the polish, stability and quality of the tiles for a long time…

Granite colors

A total solar eclipse began to become visible in southern Argentina and Chile around noon on Monday, although tourists who arrived in the umbra zone of the Chilean city of Pucon only saw clouds in the rain.

Thousands of local tourists in Chile, where sanitary restrictions due to the coronavirus are in force, arrived at the winter and summer resort around the Villarrica lake and volcano, 800 km south of Santiago, to watch the phenomenon.

In addition, dozens of scientists have been stationed for days at the foot of the volcano with their telescopes ready to focus on the second consecutive eclipse that could be seen in this country, after the July 2019 eclipse in the north.

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“I’m still happy. Already being here is important, although it is not the expectation that I wanted (to see the total eclipse clearly),” said to AFP María Paz San Martín, on the beach of Pucón, where tourists timidly began to arrive to watch the astronomical phenomenon from here.

“The plan was for it to be clear but the risk was that it would not be so (…) but you also have a good time, because you come to sightsee,” she says, looking at the cloudy sky and hoping that it will clear at the time of the eclipse.

Black granite marble

Images of the event were finally captured because Madiedo doubled from four to eight the number of telescopes equipped with high-sensitivity video cameras it uses to monitor different parts of the moon normally. The program that analyzes the videos identified the impact and determined its position on the moon.

The video with images of the impact has surpassed one million views in 12 hours. A measure of the reach this event is having. Me, proud to continue contributing my grain of sand @UCC_UHU @miangulo_95 @AstroHita @UniHuelva @Senescal_

White granite cover

Black calatorao marble. Dark gray limestone, almost black, very uniform, with random brown veins. Origin: Calatorao, Zaragoza. Available in slabs and tiles. Grades: Select and Commercial. Finishes: Mirage, Glasé and Century. Valid for interior and exterior use.

Granite, along with quartz and wood, is one of the most popular materials when choosing a kitchen countertop. Its main advantages are a competitive price-performance ratio, interesting features and superior aesthetic impact. The introduction of imported granites has given this material an outstanding freshness and novelty.

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Price study on tombstones for niches and columbaria. Prices on pantheons. All the concepts that you must take into account when contracting a tombstone. Geographical distribution of prices.

Description and comparison of the main types of countertops: quartz agglomerate, marble agglomerate, agglomerate and solid wood, formica, laminates, polymers, marbles and granites, porcelain.

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