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Elegant photography

Model photography: Basic poses | Antonio Garci

Sara prepared for the big day at home with family and friends. The atmosphere was calm and eager to live the day ahead. We took advantage of the spaciousness and light of their terrace to get some relaxed pictures of what they were living those previous moments.

Gonzalo was already at the Cigarral receiving guests and waiting for Sara’s arrival so that everything could begin. The ceremony was held outdoors, overlooking Toledo from the heights. It was an emotional ceremony, with tears, smiles and laughter from the bride and groom and guests at every reading. After the ceremony we took a short walk around the Cigarral to take some portraits of the newlyweds, but then we went back to the celebration with the rest of the guests, they didn’t want to miss anything!


The relationship between photography and elegance is one of the issues that most often concerns me. When one, whether in terms of personal branding, or in terms of creative aspirations, is thinking about the results one wants to achieve, one always encounters this question. I will talk a bit about this and incorporate some images that I find elegant to illustrate this issue.

From my point of view, elegance is not something I spend a lot of time defining, but trying to obtain. It’s kind of a blurry target. A horizon on a hazy day. In general, for me elegance doesn’t necessarily need to be linked to minimalism but it does need to be linked to conveying the message.

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When we make a photograph we always have different options. The feeling we are looking for in the viewer is, for me, an instrumental way to achieve elegance. That is, if our goal is to achieve a beautiful image (and at the same time, functional, of course) we can approach elegance. If we are looking to cause, for example, sexual desire, we will usually be moving away. But that’s a moot point. If our goal is beauty, but we are going to use sex as an intermediate step (the delicate journey of erotic art) it is feasible to achieve elegance, but, as it is quoted in Matthew 22:14 and I often repeat “many are called but few are chosen”. In this line, for example, I admire Newton and Von Unwerth much more than Terry Richardson. I admire Man Ray much more than Sgura.


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Richard Avedon, the elegant photographer

We all know that, because of the coronavirus, it’s not the best time for the performing arts, but that doesn’t mean that we forget about them or that we can enjoy their beauty, even if in a different way. For example, through the elegant photographs of ballet dancers created by Levente Szabó.

For Levente, the secret of success of a photographer who dedicates himself to this is to achieve his own style that defines him, something that in our opinion, from what we see in the photos, he is achieving, don’t you think?

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