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Memory comfort pillow price

Go to contentViscoelastic Pillow with GelThe viscoelastic pillow will be the queen in your bed! Its soft and thermo sensitive foam will provide a fresh sensation at the moment of sleeping. It also adapts to the neck providing cervical support, improving posture and reducing pain caused by stress. Anti-allergic and anti-dust mite, reducing the annoying snoring, it comes with an anti-allergic cotton pillowcase as a gift S/ 129.00 S/ 99.00

Tags cervical pillow, pillow with gel, memory foam pillow, memory foam, viscoelastic pillow, memory foamThe viscoelastic pillow with gel is recommended for people who suffer from headaches and joint pain, due to its great ability to cushion the weight. They are also thermo-sensitive and with memory.The viscoelastic pillow with gel is 55 cm x 35 cm x 10 cmFeaturesGifting an object with purpose is our specialty!Weight0.5 kgDimensions55 × 35 × 10 cmColorWhite

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Memory comfort seat

And what to do with old pillows when replacing them with new pillows? You don’t necessarily have to throw them away. You can, for example, use them as cushions in daytime furniture (since they are less intimate), or as stuffing for other objects or furniture, or they can even be used as comfortable pet beds.

The durability of the pillow is going to be marked by the degree of resistance of its materials in relation to the intensity or frequency of use. There are some factors that can accelerate the wear of the material, sometimes even independently of the quality of the pillow. That is, a pillow, even a quality pillow, will wear out more when subjected to one or more of the following factors.

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When people spend heat in the room they use for sleeping or resting, the body generates excessive sweat and surface oils. The neck and head are notable heat sinks, so under these circumstances they will generate body oils and sweat, perhaps copiously. In such cases, the sweat from the neck and head will go directly to the fabric and material of the pillow and other sleep accessories. Sweat and body oils will deteriorate the pillow over time, until it is time for replacement.

Memory foam pillow

The pillow allows you to keep your neck and head aligned while you sleep and prevents you from possible back injuries. That is why it is essential to choose the right pillow depending on your sleeping posture and your body temperature.

Curious what it would be like to sleep on a cloud? The shape of these pillows makes them a very comfortable solution no matter how you sleep. They are solutions that do not put pressure on your head, neck or shoulders and allow you to sleep peacefully, even if you do not stop moving.

Entirecomfortpillow 2022

Viscoelastic pillows are nowadays one of the best choices to enjoy a comfortable and restful rest. They adapt very well to the contours of the head and neck and offer very pleasant support.

Viscoelastic foam, which is the material that forms the inside of a viscoelastic pillow, was initially created by NASA; however, it was never used in any of the space programs. Although its first uses were in airplane seats, very soon it began to be applied in health-related fields; and finally it reached rest products such as pillows and mattresses.

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In spite of being a very beneficial pillow for the well-being of our neck and back, since it dissipates the pressure very well and frees the neck of tensions; it presents a disadvantage for many people: the heat.

This great technology known as Temprakon solves the problem of heat and allows us to enjoy all the comfort that a good viscoelastic pillow provides without the annoying heat.

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