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Equity in education quotes

Equity phrases for children

“I do not say that all are equal in their ability, character, or motivations, but I do assert that they should be equal in their opportunity to develop one’s character, motivation, and abilities.”

“Gender equality is more than a goal in itself. It is a precondition for meeting the challenge of reducing poverty, promoting sustainable development and building good governance.”

To fight anti-Semitism you don’t have to be Jewish, just as to fight racism you don’t have to be black. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems that to fight discrimination against women, you have to be a woman.

Phrases of equality and respect

These causes are mainly social, and some agencies contribute to accentuating these differences. For example, 46% of the stories in the media reinforce gender stereotypes, which contrasts sharply with those that challenge them, which barely reach 6%.

Although there is still much to fight for, we must not lose hope. That’s why today we want to collect some inspiring quotes on gender equality from both men and women. The reflection is served!

As you can see, the struggle for gender equality has been present at different moments in history and has inspired characters from all fields, disciplines, professions and terrains. This is another example of the universality of this cause and the need to contribute our grain of sand to build a more equitable society in gender issues.

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Equality phrases at work

There are many intellectuals who, throughout history, have made important reflections on education. We have chosen the fourteen phrases written by great figures that we liked the most, especially because they deepen on the great importance it has at a personal and social level.

What he wanted to express: Access to education allows us to be freer, to have more life options and to be more knowledgeable about the reality of the world in which we live. Generally speaking, this awakens in us, among many other things, the desire to fight for a fairer and more egalitarian society.

What did he want to express: The greatest challenge for a teacher should not be to fill his students’ brains with data, but to make them curious about different subjects and to make them realize how wonderful it is to know, to question, to investigate, to learn.

What did he want to express: Just as a rough rock becomes a marvelous work of art when carved by a sculptor, learning molds people, leaving an indelible mark that makes them more beautiful, more sensitive, more interesting, more complete beings.

Phrases of equality and freedom

Of course, this extrapolates to emotions. So much for men getting angry, but not crying. Getting angry is no more masculine than crying and crying is no more feminine than the assertiveness of explaining how you feel. They are all valid emotions and our children have the right to feel and express them.

Mafalda was very critical of the role of women and we are increasingly happy with the current role of women in society and with the fact that we are changing the way we understand her role as a woman, a worker and a mother.

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