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Body parts on the feet

In reflexology, reflex points and reflex areas on the feet, hands and ears correspond to specific organs, bones and body systems. Reflexologists access these points on the feet, hands and ear to affect organs and systems throughout the body.

To represent how the body systems correspond to each other, reflexologists use reflexology “maps”. Understandably, there is not agreement among all reflexologists on all points. However, there is general agreement on the main reflex points.

A reflexologist may perform a general, integrated session, or may focus on specific problem areas in the feet, hands or ears.    Whatever the specific technique, reflexology theory holds that the practitioner is working to release congestion or stress in the nervous system and balance the body’s energy.

Alicia Lopez Blanco explains in her book Manual de Reflexología: Método Holístico (Robinbook, 2001) that “a reflex is the rapid response of biological structures to a given stimulus, outside the control of the will. This response takes place in an area distant from the one that was stimulated”.

Foot reflexology map

A personal trainer can also be a highly trained nutritionist. The foot, as the supreme support and sum of each and every part of the body, is considered by many centuries-old medical and therapeutic traditions to be a fundamental part of human balance.

Foot reflexology, an ancient discipline originating in Chinese medicine, also considers the foot as a point of the body crossed by many energy meridians. Or, energy points from which our vital blood flows, which must be stimulated to avoid blockages and consequent pathologies.

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By taking a recognized foot reflexology course, you can learn the basics of the art of massage and digital pressure from both Western and Eastern traditions. The work with foot reflexology, however, involves an in-depth study of the energetic foot massage, which starts from the principles of the similarity of the body with nature and works on the roots of the organism.

Body map on the feet

The good results of foot reflexology and the scarcity of side effects, makes that nowadays, it is applied more frequently by health professionals, among them physiotherapists.

At present, we give very little importance to the feet, it is the great one forgotten our body and nevertheless, it is the part of the body where they are going to stop multitude of nervous completions.

The aim of the article, it is to give to know this discipline not known for many physiotherapists, which it is necessary to consider to be a complementary therapy to our treatment, which never replaces it but it complements it, influencing positively the disorders of organs and corporal functions that our patients present.

It has its origin in the discovery of allopathic medicine, in which it was observed that due to the primary embryonic organization in segments, there are interconnections between internal organs and skin areas.

Thus, it is typical, bladder pain reflected in the shoulder, heart conditions reflected in the left arm or even stomach pain reflected and related to conditions of the dorsal spine.

Foot sole therapy

We know that the reflexology technique consists of massaging by applying pressure on one area of the body to act on another area. For example, in the case of foot reflexology (also called foot reflexology and is the best known) we can massage an area of the foot to relieve a stomach ache, for example. This treatment “through distance” from the foot is what we call reflex zones or reflex areas in reflexology.

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If we look at the sole of the foot from top to bottom we find the following zones. Note that the distribution of the zones of the sole of the foot is the same as the distribution of our body, so that the upper part of the plantar corresponds to the upper part of the human body:

These areas or zones will help us to know “roughly” with which areas of the human body correspond to the areas of the feet and are the basis to start with foot reflexology. From here we can go deeper and know what organs are within these areas and where exactly they are located.

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