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Fox eye botox

Permanent foxy eyes

With this new eyebrow lifting treatment -also called feline look, cat eyes, or foxy eyes-, and a worldwide trend, it is possible to lift and open the look resulting in large and slanted eyes, as well as a more attractive and youthful elevated look. A treatment that takes little time to perform and whose effects are perceived immediately, hence it is one of the most demanded procedures today.

The name Foxy Eyes comes from the similarity with the eyes that foxes have, feline and slanted eyes, which are characterized, mainly, by having ascending eyebrows and whose tail does not go down, thus creating a totally natural arch.

The Foxy Eyes treatment is especially aimed at people with drooping eyebrows and/or without arch, or people who are looking for a more open and slanted eye -or also called “almond-shaped”-, and even for those who wish to have a more attractive and youthful look.

There are currently three techniques to achieve Foxy Eyes. The choice of the type of treatment will depend, to a great extent, on the objectives pursued by the patient, in addition to, of course, the recommendations made by the medical specialist after an evaluation, diagnosis and facial analysis.

Foxy eyes threads

4. The treatment for the most fearful. If you are not convinced by aesthetic medicine, however minimally invasive it may be, there are also cabin treatments to achieve a feline look. LPG’s Total Eye protocol is a great example. The session consists of working and massaging the eye contour area with the Ergolift head, which generates thousands of stimuli in the area, both horizontally and vertically. It’s like a fitness session for your fibroblasts, which will start to produce elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, the keys to a lifted look. You can find it in LPG centers, from 50 € each session (six sessions are recommended).

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5. Resorting to aesthetic medicine. This is the solution for those looking for a more lasting result. If you have discovered that foxy eyes are your thing, you can try mini-liftings for eyebrows. At Dorsia Clinics they achieve the effect with two techniques. The first, less invasive, consists of the infiltration of Botox and hyaluronic acid just below the outer third of the eyebrow. Thanks to this, the eye is lifted and lengthened, having also a subtle reflection in the tail of the eyebrow. If you are looking for something more marked and dare to use more complex techniques, tensor threads are your thing. This methodology, which tightens the outer part of the upper eyelid, is perfect for patients with excess skin on the eyelid, sad or tired expression.

Fox eyes before and after

The trend that is observed and sweeping in social networks is to imitate the shape of the eyebrows that have popularized some celebrities such as Bella Hadid, the Kardashian-Jenner family or the vast majority of models. Eyebrows that rise up to the temples to achieve a more open and slanted look.

Next, we will show you the various techniques of aesthetic medicine that exist without surgery. This is a very popular retouching, since the procedure takes only a few minutes to perform and the results are immediate.

Foxy eyes hyaluronic acid

The demand for ‘cat eyes’ or ‘foxy eyes’, one of the most characteristic features of the ‘face of Instagram’, continues to increase. You will see them, cloned, in the features of many celebrities. We tell you how to get them and at what price.Click on the photo of Bella and Gigi Hadid to see the celebrities who wear the best aesthetic retouching. / GTRESELENA DE LOS RÍOS

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tensor threads are produced in a biocompatible material (polydioxanone) that is reabsorbed by the body, so we would have to put them back to benefit from its cat effect. Of course: this technique cannot be repeated

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