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Grey pool tiles

Porcelain tile for swimming pools

In addition to the color of the mosaic tile for swimming pools, other factors that also modify the appearance of the water are the depth of the pool (the deeper the pool, the darker the water) and the light it receives (the more sunlight, the more vivid the colors).

The classic par excellence! Blue mosaic tile gives your pool water a deep blue color. This pool liner provides a refreshing sensation in the hottest months.

Some examples of our catalog with which to get a dark blue color for your pool are the references of mosaics: Arrecife Blue, Snow 25260, Sena; and the references of black gresite for swimming pools: Snow 25150, Black Opal, Arrecife Iridis Grey.

The green mosaic is perfect if you want to go out of the classics and get an exotic effect with the color of the pool water. An emerald green that will radiate personality and give a jungle look to the environment.

Tiles for swimming pools

From experience, 100% of our customers have a lot of doubts when choosing the porcelain tile material for the inside of the pool. And it is true, it is going to be the protagonist. And among many other reasons because it determines the color of the water. Well, no more doubts!

We have prepared a selection of pools in Rosa Gres and Cerámica Mayor that we have built (have we told you that we are pool builders?) with a very representative range of water tones from blue to almost green. Green without blue is best avoided. It would not be a good symptom of hygiene in any pool.

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As you can see, in all of them the water of the pool tends to blue, more or less intense, more greenish or more turquoise; but always staying in the range of blue to green and never reaching the absolute green… unless you have algae. But there it does not influence the porcelain used.

I need budget for porcelain tile pool 3×6’5 with platform and stairs the platform I would like 2×1’5 and the other 1m for the stairs with LED light and saline purifier and price and all assembly and excavation and all without surprises …thank you very much.

Gresite swimming pool

The current trend is to build the pool and the surrounding area (beach) with the same floor, to give a sense of continuity and get a brutal style for the outdoor area of your home. Porcelain floors are the best option to build a swimming pool, as their properties make them ideal, withstanding moisture, inclement weather and avoiding unnecessary slips, thanks to its non-slip property.

White and gray tones are very fashionable in the construction of swimming pools. These colors achieve a great effect during the day, thanks to the luminosity of the sun, and a very stylish look at night when the water darkens and there is a contrast with the light ceramic.

Cheap pool tiles

Stone is, for its naturalness and mimicry by the environment, one of the most seen aesthetics in exteriors. The same happens in the field of tiles for swimming pools, where the tiles more faithfully inspired by natural materials extend and lengthen from the terraces to the edges and inside the pools. The endless effect achieved is exquisite and blurs the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

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As an alternative to neutral shades and more natural stones and cements, there are pool claddings such as Amazonia by Zyx. A green pool tile inspired by the ‘tropical trend’ that is already a best seller in pools around the world. Among the keys to its success are its handcrafted and slightly worn finish and trendy shades, such as greens, grays or the cotto range. It is the perfect ceramic collection to recreate a jungle-like environment or to take clients, in the case of hotel projects, to exotic places in the world such as Thailand or Bali. Disconnect to reconnect.

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