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I woke up like this primer

Aleman – Pinches Puercos feat. Dee & Fntxy (Official Video)

People who belonged to the Mexican Army and Air Force and who were discharged for any reason, may recover the National Military Service ID card, certificate of studies or other personal documents that you have submitted when you were discharged from the Mexican Army and Air Force.

Official photo identification (one of the following documents): a) National Military Service ID cardb) Professional IDc) Valid passport) IFE – INE voting card.

In person: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra S/N, corner of Blvd. Manuel Ávila Camacho, Predio Reforma, Colonia Irrigación, Miguel Hidalgo, Postal Code 11500, Mexico City.Via e-mail: Only applies if you live outside the metropolitan area of Mexico City and you must have a personal e-mail account.Via telephone (Information): Commercial switchboard 2122 8800, extension 3502, toll free 01 800 8327 927.

Elaia – Shake It (Official video)

in Spanish Fluency-I love Memo yes mami yo papi y mima amo Memo Mi mami me ama. 4 I love my mommy and my daddy. 12 I love Memo? Yes, I love 18 Memo! 20 Fluency-My day day Mimi friend puma is Pipo love Yes, it is

Mommy Mimi loves mami mima mima amo mimo Mommy loves me. My mommy pampers me. Mimi loves me. I love my mommy. Mommy loves Mimi. I spoil my mommy. Mommy Mimi loves mami mima mima amo mimo Mommy loves me. My mommy pampers me. Mimi loves me. I love

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Phrases for beginners. Basic and initial reading comprehension. Complementary material to the Literacy Manual. Short, personalized sentences with pictures. Simple questions with short answers

Rimas del Alfabeto Rimas Sencillas (GP0025) Guerra Publishing, Inc. Spring Branch, Texas 78070 Guerra Publishing, Inc. 1 Rimas del Alfabeto GP0025 Notice! Copies of worksheets


I’ve Been Forgotten – Christian Nodal (Letra/Lyrics)

Since I’ve been living with the Floyd family, things happen in the world that I don’t understand, why did my parents have to die at sea? We were adrift for days and a storm hit our raft, separating us forever. The waves pushed me unconscious onto the beach. Luckily, Kevin, the Floyd’s son, found me on the shore with my belly full of water. When I opened my eyes, his big grin appeared, and in fright he called for the mother. I was taken to the hospital, full of lights, green gowns and nurses. Since no one asked about me, once I was hydrated, the Floyd’s decided to take me home.

For me that “the talk” made no sense. In Cuba, my mother, when it was time for me to go to school, would open my eyes: behave well, listen to the teacher and eat your lunch in the cafeteria; and if she had to read me the primer, she would write down: if you don’t behave well, you won’t have television; if you don’t eat your lunch, I won’t buy you the dress; and if you don’t do your homework, you won’t go out to play with your friends.

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In a few steps, we would reach the entrance of the elementary school, she would leave me with a big smile and walk away across the street. Then, he would disappear when the High School door closed. In the afternoon he would pick me up, and we would arrive home many times dancing, jumping or running.


When our dog attacks another dog or a person, the authorities will have to evaluate the level of aggressiveness of the animal and the risk of the dog committing the act again. That is to say, the Animal Protection Center will decide if they qualify your dog as potentially dangerous or not.

So, when asked the question: What should I do if my dog bites someone or attacks another dog? The answer is clear, go to the Animal Protection Center as soon as possible to avoid future problems.

When a dog bites a person, he/she should go to his/her regular doctor, who will indicate the health and pharmacological treatment guidelines to follow. Especially to detect if you have been infected by rabies.

Afterwards, you should file a complaint at the police station, who will inform the department of Veterinary Services (Animal Protection Center in the case of Madrid) so that they can control the aggressor animal to see if it has rabies. A copy of the complaint and the injury report must be provided to this department.

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