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Indian abstract art

Acrylic Paintings Arti Sur (Acrylic Kit)

Buy online “The wind” painting created in “Acrylic on canvas” medium. It is made by well-known Indian Artist “Bhaskar Langalia”. A wide range of magnificent abstract paintings are available at Indian Art Ideas. Know more about this painting , visit- https : \\Indian Art Ideas. in “Artwork”.

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Oswaldo Guayasamín

Another factor to take into account is racial and cultural diversity, which has led to an eclectic and syncretic art: the first settlers, of Negroid race, formed the Dravidian ethnic group, which was located in southern India (Tamil Nadu) after the arrival of the Aryans and, later, the Muslims. This ethnic group has always claimed its darker complexion in various symbolic elements such as the use of indigo blue in the skin of the gods depicted in their art, or the preference for sandstone in construction, a darker material than stone or marble.[6] Rasa is linked to the Rasa language, which has been used in the Indian culture for centuries.

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Rasa is linked to emotionality: for the Indians, art must move, must arouse emotions.[9] Thus, they distinguish nine types of emotions, which are symbolically related to different colors:

From the Paleolithic various tools of quartzite and carved or polished flint have been found, in line with those found at the same time on the European continent. In Bhimbetka, near Bhopal, a group of more than a thousand caves with cave paintings (7000 B.C.) has been found. These shelters present various paintings showing the life of the people who lived in the caves, including dance scenes, births, religious rites and burials. The paintings also show animals such as bison, elephants, turkeys, rhinos and tigers. In 2003 this ensemble was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.[11] In 2003 the site was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.[11


The Tate Liverpool dedicates a major exhibition to the legendary Indian artist Nasreen Mohamedi, a major reference of abstract art of the twentieth century. The exhibition includes works of painting, drawing and photography.

Nasreen Mohamedi (1937 – 1990), is one of the most internationally recognized Modern Indian Artists. She abandoned the figurative style to MAKE her own way in the field of abstraction. His work ran parallel to names such as Carl Andre, Ad Reinhardt or John Cage and in his work one finds influences of Mondrian or Kandinsky.

The exhibition has more than fifty works through which the trajectory of the semi-abstract paintings and lyrical content of the 1960s, passing through his commitment to the subversion of the grid in the 70s, until reaching the diagonals, suspended figures of lines, spheres or triangles of the eighties.

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