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Infinity quartzite

Quartzite uses

These new proposals of quartzite and granite, from Brazil, have been carefully selected taking into account their composition and resistance to staining, once treated with the revolutionary Senguard NK anti-stain protection, developed exclusively by Cosentino’s R&D team for its natural stone.

Platinum: Beautiful quartzite from the interior of Brazil, whose mineral formation gives a sense of purity, evoking the movement of ocean waves with its veins. Its leather finish (without shine and special texture) transmits balance and harmony to our environments.

Thanks to the exclusive and pioneering Senguard NK protection, the entire Sensa by Cosentino® color range offers an excellent level of protection against difficult substances and acids, is resistant to scratching and does not require special daily maintenance. The treatment is UV resistant, which allows Sensa by Cosentino® surfaces to be used in both indoor and outdoor applications, making it a great choice for countertops, flooring, cladding, facades, etc., while allowing the stone to breathe and always retain its natural color. Thanks to NSF certification, Sensa by Cosentino® also offers a surface that is safe for food contact.

Rose quartzite

MarazziA selection of large Marazzi slabs in porcelain stoneware specifically conceived for the realization of countertops, backsplashes, tables, leaves and endless custom-made furnishing options for residential and commercial spaces.

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Quartzite or granite

Xtone’s natural product line, Altissima, starts 2022 with the entry of successive stocks of natural stone slabs available to anyone who wants this material for their architectural and interior design projects. Adamantina, Black Zimbawe or Blue Roma, are some of the additions offered by the brand.

In Xtone is already available a large stock of the natural stone collection ”Pangea”, a product defined by the company as “unique, excellent and high quality that conveys the beauty of nature through large format surfaces”. One of the pieces that make up this collection is the Patagonia quartzite. Visit

The compact sintered mineral Xtone drives the new concept of integral service for large format slabs with Altissima. An exclusive and careful selection of 10 quartzites and granites is in charge of transferring the beauty of nature on the surfaces most adapted to the use of the kitchen sector. “Infinite possibilities” is the result that

Quartzite price

In Grupo Tenerife we have it clear. There is nothing like the power of nature to give personality to any space. From this premise and always under the most rigorous quality standards, we work daily to offer you the widest catalog of natural stones and coverings in Mexico.

Nature is, therefore, the starting point, that diamond in the rough that we carve and polish thanks to technology to offer you innovative and exclusive natural materials. For any space and for any project.

Our catalog shows the infinite possibilities that nature offers us in the form of coatings. This variety allows us to offer tailor-made solutions for any architectural and interior design project in Mexico.

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In addition to offering the widest catalog of natural stones in Mexico, Grupo Tenerife offers you a wide range of materials to meet your needs. Get to know our interior and exterior flooring from Selektia, fine woods and boards from Forestia and custom-made fronts and doors from GTEC.

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