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Irish funeral flowers

Cami – Funeral ft. WOS

Our gift bouquets are always made with top quality and fresh flowers. They are supplied daily by national and international suppliers. Our gift bouquets are always made by professional florists, specialists in Floral Art, so we always present a fresh and carefully elaborated product.

You can also take a look at our flower centers, flower baskets, plant centers and plants, or something as new as fruit baskets. We have a large selection of floral arrangements for gifts. Surely there is something that fits you.

From our online Florist Florist Emy Floristas, it is gratifying for us to give the best service to our customers.  We know how important this delivery is for you, that is why we offer a flower delivery service. A gift is not made every day. Do not hesitate to let us know, any caveat in this regard, so that the delivery of this beautiful bouquet of flowers, is the perfect gift. Indicate the best time to make the delivery, the place where you want to send it or any other circumstance that is important, so that our florists can make the delivery smoothly.

Scottish Bagpipes – DESILUSION

Traditionally, during these days people remember their loved ones, they visit and walk through the cemetery, they clean and decorate with flowers, such as the characteristic chrysanthemums, the graves of their relatives and acquaintances, they observe the differences of tombs and pantheons that in another time were also an expression of the socio-economic level of the family.

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We want to highlight the celebration of this day in Mexico, where the Day of the Dead is a great celebration throughout the country, it is not a day for sadness, but for the community, for coexistence. Experts in Central American traditions comment: “It is about embracing the natural cycles, to better integrate into life by making the dead present. The altars, the flowers, the masks are like thresholds through which the ancestors return to our side and allow us to learn from their stories, their virtues, their mistakes. It is an opportunity for learning. It has been declared by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Military Funeral History-USA-Productions Vicari.(John

Galax leaves, bells of Ireland, red roses, natural moss, orchids, lilies. We choose the highest quality and freshest plants and vegetables possible to compose the floral arrangement you need.

We offer competitive prices using top quality fresh flowers and we arrive at the place you indicate us regardless of the location; Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Zaragoza or passing through the most remote villages of the cities and where we also arrive without problems, sending bouquets, wreaths, roses and all kinds of floral composition that you want.

We send the best flowers for Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day. If you really want to surprise we can send you the most appropriate floral composition for the moment and occasion, contact us by phone, so we know how to interpret what you want to show with your gift. We like to listen, to know what you want and offer you all our know-how to make you look like a queen or a king.

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We offer a fast flower delivery and in the minimum time possible. In any delivery we guarantee that the time until the arrival of your floral composition will be the minimum possible and the time lapse from the departure of our florist to the arrival at your home, church or the address you indicate will not be an obstacle for the flower to be delivered in perfect conditions of freshness and durability.

The JEST of a deceased at his BURIAL

His uniqueness as president lies first in the fact that he was the first Catholic president of the United States and the youngest. Apart from these two facts, during his short presidency, several really important international events took place. For example, the rapprochement with Khrushchev’s USSR, the Cuban missile crisis or the Bay of Pigs invasion.

Unlike in the case of the funeral of a Pope such as John Paul II, the surprise over the assassination of JFK caused some initial disorganization as to what to do in this case. It was First Lady Jackie Kennedy who took the reins and organized all the details.

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