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Japandi bathroom design

Japanese toilet

The use of hot springs has a therapeutic and relaxing purpose, as these waters contain many beneficial properties for the body, and also being at temperatures between 35-40 degrees (the minimum allowed in an onsen is 25 degrees) helps to achieve muscle relaxation. But be careful and do not spend too much time in the hot water as it can cause dizziness, so it is recommended to stay a maximum of 10 minutes, but then you can go out to rest a little and go back in again.

You may have seen photos of some onsen with fruit floating in the water. This is because some onsen put yuzu or other citrus fruits in the water because these fruits react to contact with the water and provide nutrients beneficial to our skin. Citrus fruits provide vitamin C in addition to their aroma. This is called yuzuyu.

Remember that you can listen to our section “Japan for beginners” in the Japonizados podcast. We leave you the program where we talk about this topic so that you can also listen to it wherever you want. Enjoy it!

How to make a Japanese bath

The first thing to do is to find a store where you can get cedar wood. It is not the cheapest wood, but it is the best for this project. Try to find cedar boards from which you can get the pieces you will need, with as few knots or imperfections as possible.

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Proceed to cut the wood to the correct dimensions. Work the edges of each board with the appropriate drill bit so that they look as shown in the picture. The convex part will fit into the concave part of the next one, and so on.

Once you have all the slats or side boards in place you can proceed to place the metal bands or straps. At least two, one at the top and one at the bottom. Although you can always place a third one in the central part to make sure.

You can then proceed to waterproof the wood with linseed oil, which will give it a natural finish, sealing the pores of the wood. It will also enhance the natural grain of the wood, protect it from the sun, and is a natural insecticide and fungicide. A couple of generous passes, leaving the necessary resting time between each of the two passes.

Baños estilo asiático

Bañera: Americh Beverly 40x40x32 tanto de chorro como de aireGuardar fotoBainbridge Beautiful KitchenAlair Homes PlanoLa casa de nuestros clientes se construyó en 2012, por lo que no estaba tan anticuada, simplemente era oscura. Los clientes querían aligerar la cocina y crear algo que fuera propio, utilizando productos más únicos. El baño principal necesitaba ser actualizado y querían que la sala de juegos de arriba fuera más funcional para su familia.

La cocina original era muy oscura y de color marrón. Los armarios estaban teñidos de marrón oscuro, las encimeras eran de granito marrón oscuro y negro, con un salpicadero beige. Mantuvimos los armarios oscuros pero aclaramos todo lo demás. Se instaló una nueva puerta de despensa de vidrio esmerilado translúcido para suavizar la sensación de la cocina. La arquitectura principal de la cocina se mantuvo igual, pero los clientes querían cambiar la barra de café por una barra de vinos, así que eliminamos la puerta del armario superior sobre un pequeño armario e instalamos en su lugar dos estantes de almacenamiento de vinos de estilo X. Se instaló un fregadero de granja con un grifo principal de 23″ de altura para mayor funcionalidad. Reemplazamos la araña sobre la isla con una hermosa araña de latón antiguo Arhaus Poppy. Se instalaron dos nuevos colgantes sobre el fregadero de West Elm con una sensación mucho más moderna que antes, por no mencionar que son mucho más brillantes. El antes oscuro salpicadero era ahora un brillante mosaico de mármol de 2 “x4” encima de las encimeras de cuarzo QM Calacatta Miel. Instalamos la iluminación debajo de los armarios y añadimos tiras de LED sobre los armarios para añadir aún más luz a la cocina.

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Modern Toilets

Smart Toilets are one of the distinctive features of Japan. It is well known that their hot water jets, their sounds or their mechanized lids raise passions -and more than one scare- in our country.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to travel to Japan to try this grooming ritual, don’t worry. Thanks to the advanced technology of Smart Toilets, such as the Grohe Sensia Arena, you can enjoy complete personal hygiene that is gentler on the skin, more refreshing and more hygienic than paper.

For added convenience, the various functions of this toilet can be regulated in an easy and intuitive way: through its remote control, from the seat or through the app available for Android and iOS. Tempted?

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