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Although Lourdes Munguía was on hiatus and the pandemic had delayed his return to the stage, we were able to see him as one of the most prominent contestants on “Las estrellas bailan en Hoy” and later as a guest judge.

Alongside actresses such as Maribel Guardia, Olivia Collins, Julieta Rosen and Felicia Mercado, Lourdes Munguía has stood out as one of the most beautiful mature actresses on social networks and her followers hope that she can soon be seen in a new movie or a new telenovela.  Read more: Angélica Rivera appears with porcelain face, tightly embraced by Alejandro Fernández.

“It’s impossible, said pride. It’s risky, said experience. It doesn’t make sense, said reason. Try it, whispered the heart” expressed Lourdes Munguía in the image that stole glances a few hours ago.

I studied Communication at UABC Tijuana, I also have a Master’s Degree in Marketing and Digital Media from UNID. Before joining the wonderful team at Soy Carmín, I worked as Community Manager for several companies in Tijuana and editor-in-chief of various media outlets. Currently I am passionate about topics such as motherhood, child rearing, TV series, movies and soap operas, besides celebrities I also love to write about couples, emotional intelligence, self-love, dresses, makeup, royalty, curious studies, home remedies and health, as well as general interest news.

Jumpsuit MULTIPOSITION Long /Jumpsuit Multiposition

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Macrame beach dress step by step in English

Thanks to the ruffles we will get a greater volume to the hips and thus be able to increase the proportion of our body and get “an enhanced chest” as suggested by this professional.

If we have a body considered within the classification as “triangle” we will have little chest and hips more marked. For that, this professional bets on “smooth panties in soft tones, better nude color, without ruffles or bows” for the lower part of our body. Contrasting with this upper part, for the lower part she recommends using “tops with ruffles, drapes and flashy prints”.

Making use of ruffles and leaving the bottom clean with plain colors, we will increase the proportion of the chest while maintaining the one we already have in the lower part of our body.

Girls with backs a little wider than the hips can opt, as the specialist tells us, for the opposite of girls who fit into the “triangle” typology.


James Bond is a fictional character created by English journalist and novelist Ian Fleming in 1953. James Bond is the protagonist of the eponymous series of novels, films, comic books and video games, in which he stars in his own missions as James Bond. His profession gives him the designation of undercover agent with a “license to kill”, affiliated with the British secret intelligence service, now known as MI6.

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Since Fleming’s death in 1964, there have been other authorized writers of Bond material, including John Gardner, who wrote fourteen novels and two novelizations; and Raymond Benson, who wrote six novels, three novelizations and three short stories. There have also been other authors who wrote one book each: Kingsley Amis, Sebastian Faulks, Jeffery Deaver and William Boyd and Anthony Horowitz. In addition to a series of novels on the basis of his youth, the young James, written by Charlie Higson.

As spin-offs of the literary works, there was a television adaptation of the first novel, James Bond, in which Bond played an American hillbilly, as well as a comic strip published in the Daily Express newspaper.

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