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Leather leggings with boots

Women’s leather leggings

In this case, Olivia has opted for tight leggings that are ideal for those who want to get started in the trend. The ‘it girl’ has chosen an oversize turtleneck sweater and a masculine cut coat and has finished the style with a pair of high flat boots from Gianvito Rossi.

The two big plus points of this combination is that it lowers the impact that leather makes on any look and that it shows that you don’t need to climb on heels to create a ten outfit.  Plus, this is a simple and very appetizing formula for incorporating leather into your daily routine throughout the cold months, as you can recreate its styling with pieces you already have in your closet.

Many of our favorite brands have already included leather (or imitation ‘eco’ leather) leggings in their new collections, such as Bershka, which has this elastic model, available in black and burgundy from size XS to L, for 9.99 euros.

Leather leggings zara

Total look in black, with a lace top in black, or some paillettes for a more festive look, with a white shirt, in any version, either the basic collared one, or one with ruffles, puffed sleeves, that’s your choice.

Another option that is one of our favorites, with a band t-shirt, such as Ramones, ACDC, Metallica and a black jacket or biker to give it a more rocker touch. Red lips, high heels, if you want in black, or in a flashy color, to give it that touch of color and a sure win, for any occasion you choose.

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Another idea to combine leather leggings is with fur coats, they add a glam touch to your look, even wearing sneakers. At night change for a sandal or high heel, and you’ll be perfect.

If you are a fan of the blazer, good news, because it is one of the most successful combinations to combine leather leggings, plus if they are vinyl finish, it will give that point of dominatrix, which gives you so afraid to many.

With a gray blazer, basic t-shirt and your sneakers, you will be all-terrain and mega stylish. For the night, a good heel or bootie, plus some good accessories and you will have a very recurrent and used oufit, elegant at the same time.

Outfit with leather leggings and sneakers

How to wear leggings with high boots: Grece Ghanem To combat the cold with style, nothing better than combining leggings with high boots and a long coat with fur details. Grece Ghanem is the clear example of how to wear this combo and get a sure hit.  Instagram: @greceghanem 1 / 10 Share:

How to wear leggings with high boots: Patrizia Casarini As leggings are tight pants to the body, we like to combine them with oversize knitwear so that they do not mark anything and we can be very comfortable. If you’ve already joined the alpine trend, these pants are ideal to combine with more voluminous garments on top.  Instagram: @patzhunter 3 / 10 Share:

How to wear leggings with high boots: Alexandra Pereira Colorful down jackets are trendy and come in XL format and Alexandra Pereira has joined the trend. In this case she combines a camel quilted coat with leggings and high boots, resulting in a perfect look for the coldest days.  Instagram: @alexandrapereira 7 / 10 Share it:

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Leggins with boots

If you haven’t worn your old leggings since the mid to late 2000’s because they’ve seemed a bit outdated since then, it’s time to reconcile with them because it’s clear that they have proven to be one of the most functional and versatile garments of the cold season. Not only when you finally manage to overcome laziness and wear them to the gym, they can also be indispensable in any other occasion, mixing them with other more urban garments and in much more sophisticated and appetizing plans. What not? We bet that looking at our usual providers of inspiration, the muses of the feed and the best dressed editors, of course, you’ll feel the kick you need to put together looks with so much style and so many registers like these:With a classy touch We love how Sofía Sánchez wears them, who keeps her classic elegance without much effort with an oversize sweater, a white blouse, lace-up ankle boots and a mini metallic round handle bag by Chloé.

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