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Leg paint

Cream to cover stains on the legs

This dress, because of the way the light hits the fabrics and the warmth of the background creates a vibrant sensation in the eyes that makes some people see it as blue and black and others see it as white with gold lace.

Solution: Actually this dress, in hand is a blue and black dress that a girl was hesitant to buy, to ask whether to buy it or not, she sent a photo to a Whatsapp group and that’s where the divided opinions about the color of the dress began.

Solution:  In this case the cat is going down the steps, an almost unnoticeable issue if we do not notice the shape of each of the steps, in which we can appreciate that there is a protrusion on the step that makes us conclude that the cat is going down the stairs. The problem is that we are not used to having a perspective like this, so far below the action. It’s an excessively low angle shot that leads us to confusion.

Waterproof leg make-up

The leg make-up provides an immediate and resistant tan for a few hours, ideal for hiding any type of imperfection on the skin. It applies easily, like a body cream, and dries in a few minutes. Although it depends on the brand, the formulas are usually resistant to water and friction, to prevent perspiration or the passage of time from spoiling the tanned finish of our legs.

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You will find, on the one hand, fluid makeup for legs, with a texture very similar to that of the foundations for the face. In fact, some, such as MAC’s, are suitable for both body and face. But leg make-up is also available in spray or mousse versions. Sally Hansen’s spray make-up, which promises a finish similar to that of stockings, or Victoria’s Secret’s, which is also applied as an airbrush, are famous. However, if you want to prevent stains or uneven strokes, we advise you to apply it on the palm of your hand to distribute it evenly. Always apply it on a towel or a surface that can be wiped clean, since, like any makeup, it stains.  To remove it, just use soap and water.

Leg makeup walmart

Result: The results are visible from the first moment, unlike self-tanning products, leg makeup leaves a much more natural tone on the skin and no one will notice. In addition, they serve to hide skin imperfections such as varicose veins, scars, bruises or blemishes.

Once the exfoliation is done, right after or preferably the next day, we should take a shower to finish cleaning the area and then dry ourselves to prepare to apply the product.

Now we are ready for action, but first of all, it would be interesting if we could get a makeup sponge, preferably egg-shaped, to spread the product more evenly and avoid darker shades than others.

The product is called Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs and after testing it, we can assure you that in addition to offering incredible results, it meets all the characteristics that a good leg makeup should have.

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Makeup for legs shades

I, who am used to working full days in my solitude, completely at ease in the apartment, feel so over how the days are right now. It’s impossible to have routines when work days alternate between contract writing, budget planning, product shopping, painting, renovating, general cleaning and then applying some creative, tidy makeup while the rest of the body is covered in paint haha.

In other words, I know my blog is not updated as efficiently as it usually is, but I will do my best and in a few weeks it will be back to normal. But I hope you won’t notice the difference as much as I do 🙂 ♥

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