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Lexus rx 350 snow mode

Like driving 4×4 in the snow

As if that weren’t enough, the Akrapovic exhaust system comes standard on this version. But the most interesting thing, of course, is the engine: under the hood breathes a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder 300 hp, with a maximum torque of 400 Nm, with which it reaches a top speed of 247 km / h and is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.9 seconds.

But in very low-grip conditions, such as those I will encounter, we must talk about the 4WD: the 4Drive system will be the validator in this test. How does it work? It analyzes grip conditions, speed, steering wheel turning angle and driving style to send power to the most appropriate wheel or wheels.

How to drive in snow and ice

The second equipment line, the “off-road look”, underlines that the 500X can also be “different”. In the two equipment variants Cross and Cross Plus, it has additional elements to indicate its off-road abilities. These include specific bumpers and front and rear underrun protection. For extreme requirements, both variants are prepared with slope angles of 21.3 degrees at the front or 30.1 degrees at the rear and a ramp angle of 22.3 degrees.

Precisely because of its compact dimensions: body length 4,273 millimeters, width 2,025 mm, height 1,620 mm, the five-door 500X always offers surprisingly comfortable space inside. Five people have a very comfortable space here.

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The highlight of all versions of the 500X is the Fiat Mood Selecto with Traction + electronic limited slip differential, with which engine control, brake response behavior, steering and automatic transmission operating mode can be adapted to traffic and road conditions. Three levels are available: “Auto” for the optimum compromise between comfort, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, “sport” for high-performance driving and “all-weather” for maximum safety in difficult road conditions.

Snow tires

MIAMI, Florida-One of our main complaints in the past against the RX 450h was its high price relative to the standard RX 350. Part of that was due to the 450h’s substantial list of standard features, which was much more robust than the 350’s equipment list.

It features different styling, an upgraded suspension and a lower ride height. The regular and F Sport versions of the RX 450h, are well equipped and are available with the same optional packages.

The F Sport package comes with sportier exterior styling, 20-inch wheels, adaptive suspension dampers, a lower ride height, an engine noise enhancer, special gauges, heated and ventilated sport seats, a heated sport steering wheel and special interior trim.

A towing package is also available, which includes a heavy-duty alternator, radiator and transmission oil cooler. Numerous stand-alone options are available, some of which require the addition of one or more of the above packages.

Snow chains

In the first part we talked about the exterior and interior of the Lexus RX 450h, and today we talk about its driving and dynamic behavior, focusing especially on a key aspect of this car, fuel consumption.

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First of all we must clarify that we are talking about a hybrid car, which has a gasoline engine and Atkinson cycle (249 hp) of 3.5 liters of displacement and two electric motors. The front one gives 123 kW (168 hp) and 335 Nm, while the rear one has 50 kW (68 hp) and 139 Nm. Together, all motors deliver 299 hp.

During deceleration phases the electric motors work as generators, transforming the kinetic energy into electricity that is stored in the batteries. This entire operation is controlled by a Power Control Unit (CPU).

On the other hand, in conditions of low engine efficiency, such as starting and acceleration phases (not very intense), the vehicle operates only with the electric motor (provided that the batteries are sufficiently charged and not too much power is required).

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