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Living retaining wall

Stone retaining wall

Retaining walls are used to hold back masses of soil or other loose materials by maintaining slopes that they cannot naturally retain. These conditions occur when the width of an excavation, cut or embankment is restricted by conditions of ownership, use of the structure or economics.

For example, in railroad or highway construction, the easement width of the track is fixed and the cut or fill must be contained within this width. Similarly, building basement walls must be located within the property boundaries and contain the soil around the basement.

They are those whose weight counteracts the thrust of the ground. Due to their large dimensions, they suffer practically no bending stresses, so they are not usually reinforced. Gravity walls can be classified as follows:

They are strongly reinforced concrete walls. They present slight bending movements and since the body works as a vertical cantilever, their required thickness increases rapidly with the increase in the height of the wall. They have a projection or heel on which part of the soil is supported, so that wall and soil work together.

Retaining walls for houses

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Concrete retaining wall

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Retaining walls pdf

Today I will try to speak with the president of your community. They are 2 portals that of 4 houses each one that have a back garden, they have a vegetable garden of 10×2 shed of 10 m² and it corresponds to my garden, having them the raised ground of the wall that I comment (4 m high x 9 m long). Only the first room has the fracture.

Thank you for your answer. I understand that a technician (topographer, architect, quantity surveyor, other?) will have to do the survey to see if the wall is inside, outside or in the middle of my plot or if it is a retaining wall and depending on how it is assembled, etc. I understand that if I finally had to go to court the cost of the technician would have to be charged depending on the result of the trial. I’m a bit lost on the matter.

OK, what kind of technician should I use to ensure that the wall belongs to me? I understand that with the expert’s report and repair budget I could go to the president of the community of owners of the other part of the wall to start the process of “repair” of the wall, because right now this is a bit of a mess, to be honest.

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