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Lubes and lotions

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Lubricating cosmetics include products that are applied, especially to dry skin, to make it greasy, supple and improve its appearance. In addition to these three functions, these products preserve the skin from drying out caused by external agents, especially climatic ones, thus delaying premature aging and the formation of wrinkles.

Not all fatty substances are absorbed in the same way by the skin, so that, for the preparation of lubricating cosmetics, those with a greater penetration capacity are better, since they better impregnate the surface layers with which they come into contact.

Indeed, the so-called mineral fats, which are hydrocarbons, such as petroleum jelly, kerosene and their mixtures, have a very low degree of penetration. They spread on the skin surface forming an impermeable film, which is not water-soluble and does not penetrate. They do not react with the stratum corneum.

Animal or vegetable fats permeate the horny layer and penetrate into the sebaceous products and can reach the sebaceous gland. These fats improve the appearance of the skin and prevent flaking.

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This lubricant solution Tenga Lotion Solid provides good lubrication and rinses easily with water.Because the intimate areas are the areas of the skin that require more care and pampering, you have to be demanding with the lotions and lubricants you use during your moments of sexual play.  With Tenga Solid Lotion your body will feel silky, natural and very pleasant to the touch, guaranteeing maximum intimate hygiene and care.  Elevate your sensations to the maximum and enrich your sex life with an ideal and totally adaptable, economical, easy to use and organic complement.  The adult pleasure reaches a new concept with the Tenga brand, improves your sex life, favoring the excitement and the reach of orgasms. 170 ml container.

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Use of essential oils for massage and their effects

The correct lubrication is essential for a penetration without pain, but sometimes our body does not produce the necessary lubrication for a good intimate relationship. In these cases, it becomes necessary to get an artificial or synthetic lubricant that helps at the moment of penetration.

As you may know, there are different types of lubricants and sexual oils on the market, however, you should know that not all of them are suitable for you. However, never let it cross your mind to use homemade lubricants, such as the mythical Vaseline or moisturizing creams, because they could cause serious vaginal irritation and be a source for the spread of germs and bacteria.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you to opt rather for one of the various specific lubricants that can be easily purchased both in sex shops and in pharmacies or recognized parapharmacies. In our case, we offer you through our online store, the most exclusive catalog of products for pleasure and sexual enjoyment, including lubricants in different types and presentations, so that the moment of sexual intimacy is of full enjoyment, avoiding inconveniences and bad moments.

Tenga Lubricant Lotions

Spermicidal Gels, Liquids and Creams, Hygienic Lubricants for intimate use, Gel for medical use, In particular ultrasound gel, Pregnancy Tests, Fertility Tests, Ovulation Tests

Preparations and chemicals for curative and hygienic purposes, in particular aphrodisiacs, lubricating oils, lubricating creams, contraceptives such as creams and suppositories, massage oils, orgasm creams, petroleum jelly for medical use

Lubricants, lubricating creams and gels, massage oils, massage liquids, massage lotions, potency enhancement preparations for topical and internal application, orgasm creams, sex prolonging preparations for medical use

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Pharmaceutical preparations, not including contraceptive preparations and substances, spermicidal gels, liquids and creams, hygienic lubricants and disinfectants for use in the vaginal, phallic and anal area or diagnostic preparations and substances for gynecological tests

Personal lubricants, water-based lubricants, orgasmic creams and gels, G-spot creams and gels, silicone-based personal lubricants, vaginal lubricants, other personal lubricants.

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