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Mama hats

Diary of a breast cancer. Delivery 22. Tutorial

It is a tradition of the United States While during the nineteenth century there were several proposals to celebrate Mother’s Day, but it was until 1907 when the American Ana Jarvis and a group of friends established a date.

Mexico was the first country in Latin America to celebrate Mother’s Day, thanks to a leader of the newspaper “Excelsior” Rafael Adulcin (April 13, 1922) taking advantage of this way to call the people to adopt this celebration of Mother’s Day. This proposal was supported by the Red Cross and the Mexican Episcopate as well as by the Secretary of Education José Vasconcelos.

“…Women increasingly assume the exercise of motherhood as a right with which they can decide, and not as a natural event beyond their control. Their own needs and aspirations are factors that increasingly influence their reproductive decisions and control over their lives.”

It is the greatest of professions, where women devote much of their lives to the care of children, as well as to their development as human beings, academically, religiously and culturally.


Angela Bassett (Mildred)Daniel Hansen (Lewis)Jordan Fry (Lewis)Matthew Josten (Michael Yagoobian)John H. Ford (Mr. Harrington)Dara McGarry (Mrs. Harrington)Tom Kenny (Mr. Willerstein)Laurie Metcalf (Lucille Krunklehorn).

Lewis is instantly impressed to see the huge change, and thinks that by using the time machine he can go back to the day his mother abandoned him and prevent that from happening, but Wilbur disagrees as he promised to fix the invention, but Lewis tries to forcefully take command of the ship and they seize and end up finally destroying the machine, destroyed, Wilbur immediately tells Lewis to repair it, he at first refuses, but in the end agrees on the condition that Wilbur promises to take him to his real mother.

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The bowler arrives in the past and finds Goob, who is sad because he fell asleep during a very important game and was beaten by those on the team for making them lose. Goob tells him that everyone has advised him to forget about it and that he thinks it’s better that way, but the bowler tells him not to, to lock it deep in his heart and put it away. The bowler goes up to see Lewis, but finds only traces of time travel, so he goes back to the future.

The perfect gift for mom

Mother’s Day is approaching, the children’s pocket begins to suffer, but especially the head, because giving a gift to mom is not easy and often becomes a big problem for the whole family, as they fail to agree on what mom wants to receive, and end up asking her and ruining the surprise.

A gift that will always be welcome, especially if you live in a hot and constantly sunny place, is a good hat for mom to complete any outfit on the hot beaches or any formal and informal social event, and in you will find different options so you have plenty to choose the best style for your mom this Mother’s Day.

Among the best options are the Panama Fedora Classic hats, which are perfect accessories for any occasion and for any time to have an outfit that could be complete by a beautiful accessory, high quality and above all that prints to any outfit a very chic and bohemian touch.

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Win a hat for mom

They wear black and white on a stage at the side of the parish church of Santiago Apostle, which has been decorated with papel picado. Their hats cover their lips from the intense rays of the sun. The four women from the mountains of Durango chant their praises printed on machine sheets after the recitation of the first mystery in the Procession of Silence in Viesca.

At the end of their participation in the Procession of Silence, an event they are attending for the first time, they enter the walls of the Municipal Presidency of Viesca, then rest on chairs placed in the patio, under the night that has already fallen. There they narrate that the sonority of the sierra of Durango is ostentatious, ancestral, that the song has roots stronger than the trees on the banks of the rivers.

They indicate that the cardenche song is not only native of Sapioriz or Jimulco. Its tradition also has accents in other municipalities of Durango, especially in the highlands, where there is an important vein. The song is intoned in the trades and in all situations of life. That is why its sonority was given as a cardenche that opens a field among the rocks: in a natural way.

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