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Marin sofa

Alexander Armchair 3 bodies Delta Stores

Simply close this window and press the yellow “place a pre-order” button to proceed to checkout.full payment is required to place a pre-order.the product will be automatically shipped to you as soon as it becomes available again*.the usual delivery times advertised will apply once received in stock.

Why pre-order? 1. Once you have pre-ordered, you will be guaranteed this product once it arrives, versus other buyers who will wait for an email notification.2. Buy at the current price and avoid any future price changes.3. Occasionally, benefit from possible site-wide or partial or seasonal discounts or offers, if they are running on in-stock products at the same time. For example: if we have a 10% discount on all sofas, there is also a 10% discount on all out of stock sofas.

Living Rooms Decorated with Blue Sofas

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☑️ Stretch fabric: Made with elastane, our slipcovers offer incredible stretch, allowing them to conform to 95% of sofa shapes.  ☑️ Fits the shape of your sofa: For a perfect visual effect, we supply foam tubes with the slipcover to be inserted into the slots of the sofa.The result? No creases, a perfectly stretched cover that conforms to your sofa.    ☑️ A slipcover that won’t move: tie strings under the sofa so the slipcover is securely fastened and won’t slip. Don’t worry, the strings are not visible.

☑️ A cover that is easily machine washable ☑️ A cover that fits over 95% of sofa types ☑️ A cover that stays in place thanks to the drawstrings ☑️ A cover that fits perfectly to the shape of your sofa ☑️ A cover that fits perfectly to the shape of your sofa ☑️ An. quick and easy installation ☑️ A real protection against stains and dirt ☑️ Thick and opaque fabric ☑️ A pleasant and comfortable textile ☑️ A premium stretch fabric ☑️ No unsightly wrinkles thanks to our foam strips.


Seat: down spring cushions consist of a 4 1/2-inch MARSHALL coil unit covered with premium foam. The cushion is then wrapped with a low melting point fiber on the top and bottom.

The Korean long sofa in navy blue fabric is preferred not only by Koreans, but also by people all over the world. The fabric has a soft and elegant feel and is very durable. It is also available in many different colors, for those who prefer something more colorful.

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