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Mineral sun tanning lotion

La roche posay mineral sunscreen

When I prepared the topic on natural cosmetics (you can check it out at this link: “Do you know what natural cosmetics are? Ecological? And vegan?”), I thought I had to dedicate another post to talk about mineral sunscreens because it is one of the great handicaps of the cosmetic industry: developing photoprotective formulas that dispense with chemical filters and use mineral filters or even filters of vegetable origin, and that maintain the effectiveness required of a sunscreen, in addition to reducing the footprint left by chemical formulas in the environment. But cosmetic science is advancing and is increasingly focused on offering safe and sustainable formulas that make our lives more comfortable and pleasant. I’ll tell you what’s new in mineral sun protection.

If you are familiar with natural and organic cosmetics, you will have noticed that it is difficult to find brands that include sunscreens in their catalog. Very few firms work in this category. The reason is because they are very complex formulations to stabilize with natural substances and mineral filters.

Mineral sunscreen brands

There are different options to protect our skin, but one of the alternatives most recommended by specialists is to use a good mineral sunscreen of recognized brands like the ones you will find in our online store, all of them top quality.

If what you are looking for is a natural and healthy tan, you should know that buying a sunscreen with mineral filter is perfect for people with sensitive skin, allergies or atopic eczema who are looking for a safe way to protect themselves against the sun’s rays.

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Their purpose is to create a layer on the surface of the skin to protect you from the sun’s rays. They do not absorb, but remain on the surface of the skin, so they are especially recommended for sensitive skin.

It is preferable to buy mineral sunscreens that contain both, as they protect you from UVB rays (key to sunburn) and UVA rays (spots, premature aging and risk of cancer).

Mineral facial sunscreen

There are two types of sunscreens: mineral sunscreen (also known as physical sunscreen) and organic sunscreen. The difference is that while mineral sunscreen uses physical UV filters, organic sunscreen uses organic UV filters.

Once we know that both organic and mineral sunscreens protect you from the sun, we need to look at other factors that may influence our decision and choose the sunscreen that best suits your needs.

Without sunscreen, UVB rays may penetrate deeper into the skin and cause sunburn. When there is no sunscreen barrier against them, UVA rays can be responsible for visible signs of skin aging.

Nivea mineral sunscreen

I have analyzed the scientific literature and ingredients in sunscreens in order to reliably determine which are the best safe and environmentally friendly sunscreens (updated version 2022).

Sunscreens contain filters to protect us from ultraviolet light. Scientific research indicates that physical or mineral UV filters (consisting of inorganic minerals) are safe for health and the environment. However, the safety of chemical sunscreens (with organic, petroleum-derived ingredients) is being investigated in some countries, as they pass into the blood at relatively high concentrations (I discuss both filters in sunscreen safety) in this sunscreen guide (below): I hope this analysis will help you choose the best sunscreen, with full knowledge of what you are buying.

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Chemical (organic) sunscreens, derived from petroleum, can be absorbed by the skin and pass into the blood. In Europe, only concentrations of chemical filters that are considered safe are allowed. Their use is recommended because of their undisputed benefit in protecting us from the sun and preventing skin cancer. However, the health safety of chemical filters is being questioned in some countries (see sunscreens safety).

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