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Muebles de lujo

Modern luxury furniture

We all have the desire to decorate our home in our style (furniture, curtains, carpets, lamps, among other items) but often for economic issues we opt for other alternatives, which is why this time we bring you one of the best options for this season.

For you to be satisfied with the interior decoration you want, it is essential that you check if you like the general appearance of the furniture. For example, the type of material, fabric, colors and finish.

Depending on the furniture you want to buy, you can find a variety of styles. This is an important point, since the brand and its characteristics will determine how much durability and warranty it can have.

Luxury wooden furniture

Authentic piano lacquer furniture with lacquer relief. It has no gesso reliefs or other products. We are talking about one of the most laborious lacquering that are made, because it is completely finished by hand. This oriental style sideboard is a luxury and a great investment. The complements are also for sale: matching paintings, samurai bust, Chinese porcelain base and vase and crystal rhinestone applique. If you are interested send me a whatsap to 638 166 963 and we talk15.000 EUR.

Furniture of real luxury. No plastics, no chipboard, or anything that today are made of furniture. Handcrafted piano lacquer, lamps included. Closet adaptable to various spaces. Headboard wall panels, upholstered in fabric, so you can customize it with the one that suits your style. The whole bedroom, with complements included (paintings, decoration, textile, lamps…) for 12 Thousand It can be seen installed, maximum until the 30th of this month, when it will be uninstalled to be installed in a private exhibition for auctions. If you are interested send me a whatsapp to 638 166 963300 EUR

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Italian furniture

No matter what space you’re working with, there’s always a way to add yardage and create a sense of spaciousness. The right visual effects can do wonders to make a space appear larger than it is.

The space around us has a big impact on us, whether we realize it or not. Unconsciously, elements such as lighting, colors and our favorite pieces of décor affect our mood every day.

Achieving an interior decor worthy of a magazine cover may seem unattainable. Especially when we tend to buy furniture that fits our decorating style and when we get home something doesn’t quite add up. The secret is to follow a strategy.

Second hand luxury furniture

Family roomDressed with a large modular in Italian leather, steel legs, contrasted with a Ralph Lauren rug, coffee table in black oak and white lacquer, the floor in natural sapan to contrast these pieces or luxury furniture we have the great master David Manzur.

Hall of this great penthouse in BogotaDressed in an Italian marble, luxury furniture and accessories made by Fernando Garcia. The main wall is decorated by a work by the great master Fernando Botero.

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