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Batman: the world

This exhibition offers a journey through the most representative works of the Italian comic culture, with authors such as Dino Buzzati, Hugo Pratt and Andrea Pazienza, who are essential references of the Italian graphic production of the twentieth century. The exhibition moves on to the productions of the XXI century with artists such as Vittorio Giardino, who made No pasar (1999) and Eva Miranda (2005).

You will also find pieces by Igort, Lorenzo Mattotti, Gipi, Francesca Ghermandi, Gabriella Giandelli, Paolo Bacilieri, Manuele Fior, Giacomo Monti, Davide Reviati, Tuono Pettinato, Zerocalcare, Lrnz, Leo Ortolani and Fumettibrutti. All these authors have their own style and tendency that definitely comes out of the graphic conventions used in American superhero comics, so you will be in front of diverse proposals that have matured over the decades.

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When I started looking at this Harley Quinn volume, I had the feeling of being in front of a similar product. Something that is out of the ordinary and that can distract you for a few moments of fun reading.

And it is something that happens to many of us veteran readers. And it also happens to us that characters like Harley, who come to fill a niche, we do not understand them very well and even suffer a certain rejection.

We forget that this is called “the comic book industry” and that, as an industry, it offers products and services. Harley Quinn, as well as other characters, are publishers’ attempts to connect with new generations of readers and, many times, are not valued or accepted by older readers in the same way they are by younger readers.

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However, even DC’s heavyweights undergo changes in successive iterations where publishers prospect new territories and explore new landscapes, as happened in the New 52, a stage that, like everything in this life, has its rights and wrongs.

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Gotham City appears in DC Comics and was conceived by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, both creators of “Batman”. Before February 1941 Batman had New York City as his home, but it was in Detective Comics #48 that this mysterious city inspired by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was used in the narrative due to its numerous vices and criminal acts of the time.

Not only these authors were the precursors of the famous Gotham City since long before the legend of the bloody city was known by different writers. “Gotham” is an old nickname by which New York is known and the main idea was to create a space where the dark and sinful side of the criminal and Dantesque nights of the great Metropolis was emphasized.

During the second half of the 18th and early 19th centuries, Gotham was an important port city known as Gotham Town.  Beginning in 1799, Darius Wayne began construction of a family estate that would eventually become known as Wayne Manor.

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13 actorsTelevision version:Lewis Wilson[2][2] (1943)Robert Lowery[3] (1949)Adam West (1966-1968)David Mazouz[4][5] (2014-2019)Iain Glen[6] (2019-present)Film version: Adam West (1966)Michael Keaton (1989-1992)Val Kilmer (1995)George Clooney (1997)Christian Bale (2005-2012)Ben Affleck[7] (2016-2022)Robert Pattinson (2022)Lego version:Will Arnett (2014-present).

Dick Grayson (adopted son)Jason Todd (adopted son)Tim Drake (adopted son)Damian Wayne (biological son)Terry McGinnis (biological son, alternate universe)Helena Kyle (biological daughter on Earth 2)Other relatives.

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Unlike superheroes, he has no superpowers: he draws on his intellect, as well as scientific and technological applications to create weapons and tools with which he carries out his activities. He lives in Wayne Manor, in the basement of which is the Batcave, Batman’s center of operations. He is constantly aided by other allies, including Robin, Batgirl (later Oracle), Nightwing, local police commissioner James Gordon and his butler Alfred Pennyworth. A wide variety of villains make up Batman’s gallery, including his arch-nemesis, the Joker.

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